Vanoppen-Luyten (Herk-de-Stad, BE) possesses a golden breed thanks to the crossings of their Kannibaal x Diamantje lines

The Vanoppen-Luyten partnership managed to become one of Belgium's best longer middle distance lofts after achieving numerous splendid results throughout the years. That high performance level can be ascribed to one sole family of birds: the crossing of Dirk Van Dyck's Kannibaal bloodlines with those of stock breeder Diamantje.

Kannibaal has become world-famous as the 1st National Ace Bird which has bred one ace after the other in the past two decades. The second star in the Vanoppen-Luyten pigeon breed is Diamantje, a four-time first-prize winner with also an 8th Interprov. Argenton 4,522 b. on his list of honours. He is stock breeder in Herk-de-Stad with offspring winning:

1st Nat. Perpignan'16
1st Nat. Tulle'17
1st Nat. Bourges'16
1st Nat. Argenton'13
2nd Nat. Argenton'14
3rd Nat. Bourges'13
3rd Nat. Montluçon'15
4th Nat. Bourges'14
4th Nat. Bourges'15
4th Nat. Chateauroux'14
4th Nat. Argenton'14
5th Nat. Bourges'16
5th Nat. Argenton'14
6th Nat. Argenton'14
6th Nat. Montluçon'13
7th Nat. Montluçon'16
8th Nat. Gueret'15
9th Nat. Bourges'16
9th Nat. Chateauroux '13

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