Vanlint Michel, "The list gets longer and longer"


At Michel Vanlint’s in Zoutleeuw (BE)

1st National La Souterraine 3150 Old + Yls 2004
TWO first national Vichy 2458 Old 2004
1st National Bourges I - 21.940 Yearlings 2005
1st National Bourges II - 32.7642 Young Pigeons 2005
and once more a bull’s eye in 2006.
1st national La Souterraine Young pigeons.

In order to avoid repetition, we would like to refer to the reports we published on the occasion of earlier victories. These articles can of course always be found on pipa.

La Souterraine 2004 : Click here
Bourges I - 2005 : Click here
Bourges II - 005 : Click here

Recordings 16.23.25 y.- 16.45.46 y.- 16.51.05 o.- 17.02.29 - 17.04.29. y. - 17.06.18 - 17.08.19 - 17.10.02 - 17.12.22 - 17.14.22 y.- 17.17.00 - 17.18.16 - 17.18.54 - 17.22.49 - 17.23.08 y. - 17.24.00 y. - 17.24.30 - 17.26.15 - 17.31.24 - 17.39.10 - 17.39.40 - 17.39.43 - 17.47.31- 17.52.20 - 17.54.46 y. - 17.56.39 - 18.00.41- 18.01.27 - 18.04.34 y. - 18.04.58 - 18.05.26 y. - 18.10.38 - 18.14.37 - 18.14.48 - 18.22.56 - 18.25.42 - 18.26.37 y. - 18.32.52 - 18.33.14 - 18.35.49 y.
Classification in the provisional national results in the category of young pigeons: 1st, 22nd, 106th ...etc... of approx. 13918 pigeons.
Old 13th, 41st, 49th, 57th, 62nd, 75th, of approx. 3627 pigeons.

Preparation of the national winner
Preparing the four nationals went less smooth this year compared to last season. Training started a little later, the youngsters received a more solid diet and they trained less than before. Due to a continuous east wind, the colony suffered more losses. When Michel switched to a lighter diet they started to fly rounds more smoothly and they seemed to have more fire. The colony also suffered from the extreme heat: keeping the birds healthy was no piece of cake. Airway problems occurred frequently. Michel had noticed that the pigment between the nasal warts was disappearing which indicated health problems. On top of that Michel had a bad Toury. But Michel is someone that looks for solutions. Antibiotics were no solution because they cannot take away the cause (extreme heat). To cool down the lofts a little, he finished the sides with black boards (a legal commitment imposed by environmental planning) and regularly sprinkled them with water. The result was inferior. The sides dried up too fast and the fresh water heated up very quickly. Things improved when the weather changed at the beginning of August and the heat wave passed. “My loft was built by the company ‘Ostayenhok’ and it’s perfect”, says Michel. But it wasn’t built to stand up to such exceptional temperatures. A brick loft is better during such a hot summer.


"Christina" 1st national La Souterraine 2006

List of achievements "Christina" :
Toury : 921 p 104th
Bourges 1355 p 430th
Argenton : 149 p 32th
La Souterraine National - 1st - Fastest pigeon in the game 17.545p

List of achievements Father :
Momignies : 516 p 62th
Toury : 809 p 10th
Blois : 219 p 15th
Montlucon : 192 p 16th
Châteauroux : 1427 p 61th
Bourges : 216 p 30th
Toury : 563 p 5th
Argenton : 336 p 6th

List of achievements Mother :
Bourges I : 9310 p 3059th
Bourges II : 829 p 124th
La Souterraine : 914 p :206th
Vichy : 640 p 65th

Toury : 809 p 115th
Bourges I : 353 p 66th
Châteauroux : 317 p 22th
Le Mans : 279 p 42th
Montlucon : 193 p 40th
Toury 258 p 54th
Argenton : 485 p 131th
Toury : 311 p 96e
Châteauroux 185 p 59th
Bourges II : 245 p 46th

The critics will now probably remain silent...
Michel’s wife and daughter named the national winner "Christina". She was raced on one youngster. She received “Pandora’s box”, which was, according to the Greeks, brought by the first woman on earth. It contained human misery and upon opening, misery spread over the earth and only hope remained at the bottom of the box...
Hope was surely confirmed. The box was put in the hall in front of the loft, the opening facing the loft. Christine was introduced to a partner. After two days, Michel put an egg underneath them which they eagerly accepted. They started brooding right away and had a youngster five days later. In order to motivate “Christina” a little more, Michel put another box against the row of boxes on the floor. This box was occupied right away by another couple and “Christina” wasn’t pleased about that... The openings of the boxes were facing eachother. They had one hour of obligatory training per day which was not easy considering the fact that they were young pigeons with a first nest. The territorial instinct is very great. She left when her youngster was 10 days old.
But the master says: “It all starts with good pigeons”.
They prepared by flying races such as Momignies, Soissons, Toury, Bourges national, Toury, Argenton national, Toury, and then La Souterraine.
Michel: “When you participate in 4 nationals with young pigeons and you let them fly a middle distance race (Toury) in between: selection at the end of the season is no longer necessary because the pigeons are selected by flying the races.”. The future lies in the breeding loft which is why none of the four national winners was sold.
Michel is well aware of the fact that the start of the season went less smooth this year. He answered like all great sportsmen do: with a return. He cannot stand criticism but it inspires him to work very hard. “We’re living like hermits”, he says. “Everything is geared to those pigeons.”...

Very grateful
71-year-old Michel is clearly moved and would especially like to thank his wife Yu-Chin and their daughter Linda for all their efforts to help running the colony. It would be impossible to play on such a level without their help. Linda is 13 years old, she speaks Taiwanese to her mom, goes to a Dutch-speaking school, she’s just started the second year of secondary education and will most probably choose to study Latin...

2006: 1st Ace Pigeon old and 1st Ace Pigeon yearlings at the Brabant Union. Michel is not afraid of the competition. The east wind we had during many weeks of this summer certainly was not to his advantage. “I’m feeling strong and maybe that’s thanks to this severe selection”, says the Champion from Zoutleeuw.
Other championships are not yet known. Next stage: Gueret national.