Vaneygen Gruitrode, "1st national Bourges category old pigeons on July 31"


Our story is based on an interview with ROGER VANEYGEN from GRUITRODE : 1st national Bourges category old pigeons on July 31.

Also in Gruitrode nearby Bree (North Limburg) the word national race from Bourges tickles everybody’s imagination. It is a national competition on which thousands of pigeons take part every year. Once they are liberated, our friends on wings have to look hard to find their route home, because the many thousands and thousands of pigeons have to spread out on the whole width of Belgium. Imagine, what would you do if you were one of them?!

Well, for the “Bourges 625” 5208625/02 from Roger Vaneygen from Gruitrode was this obviously no problem at all. He was able to fly the 500 km that layed in front of him the fastest and showed his competitors how it has to be done. With this star performance he brought national fame and honour for his “master”.
Roger, who has been a fancier since ’86, races his pigeons mostly up to about 700 km. At the begining of 2004 he had 32 widowers (old ones and yearlings together)and every year he keeps approximately 70 or 80 youngsters.

Already in ’99 he won the 1st provincial Jarnac.
The national winner raced on widowhood and is a pigeon that regularly obtains a ranking 'per 10-tal'
The father of the victorious pigeon was lost on Bourges-II last year and on his list of accomplishments were besides others prizes such as the 9th prov. Limoges.”On the father’s side, we can find Custers origine in the grandfather’s pedigree”, Roger reminded us. On the mother’s side we see Slaets in the pedigree.
This national victory brought Roger a lot of satisfaction. At the National Days in a few months he will stand again on the stage together with other winners. A place about which many of us can only dream. Our congratulations!!