Vaneenoo Julien, "A look at the 'unique' year 2007 of the family"

Julien Vaneenoo from Wingene ! (BE)
1st General National Champion KBDB 2007
1st & 5th provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance old pigeons KBDB W-Fl. 2007
And so much more…….

In 2007 the well-known industrialist Julien Vaneenoo added to his already detailed honours list one of the most important titles that anybody in the national pigeon sport can win, namely the title of 1st general national champion. In his province, West Flanders, he also obtained the 1st and 5th prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance old and the 7th prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance youngsters, not to mention his multiple champion titles in various prominent competitions(see further). But there is so much more…… On Saturday the 29th of December 2007 Julien, together with "his" Lydia, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The following extract was printed on the invitations: "50 years ago Julien and Lydia were married and built their future together, 50 years later they invite you to celebrate with them". Julien and Lydia have two sons: Bart and Johan and together with their two sons they own the current NV Vaneenoo (founded in '45 by Julien and his father Marcel) and have expanded into a firm that is well-known both nationally and internationally for its speciality in creating farm-, industry- and utility buildings, such as workplaces, garages, storage places, showrooms, offices, etc….. this is a company that has over the years expanded and gained fame, for example in '98 it won an honour in the steel building industry. Julien Vaneenoo is no stranger to the pigeon sport… for anyone who follows the Long Distance happenings it is no surprise that he won the title of 1st general national champion, because Vaneenoo has written history in the sport of pigeon racing.

The following prizes have been added to his impressive honours list
- 1st national Brive youngsters in '93
- 1st Gen. Champion Entente Belge in '93
- 1st national Cahors against 13092 p. in '99 - 2nd national Marseille '98
- 1st national Béziers yearlings in '03
- 1st Eurregionaal St Vincent ( N-France - W-Fl.) old in '03 Etc……etc…..etc…..
Year after year Vaneenoo knows how to classify himself at the top of the important championships in the Long Distance, we noted in 2006 (to keep to the last but one season) results including: 3rd General Champion Entente Belge, 3rd in the Championschap der Azen, 2nd Champion International Long Distance club, 6th in the Jan Breydel Marathon, etc….

A look at the season 2007 !
End balance! A direct insight into the exceptionally strong season of Vaneenoo:
- 1st General National Champion KBDB
- 3 provincial victories ( namely 1st and 2nd prov. Poitiers two-year olds
- 1st prov. Chateauroux yearlings
- 1st prov. Narbonne old)
- 13 x 1st in Long Distance races, idem ditto old/yearlings and youngsters
- 1st and 5th prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance old KBDB W-Fl.
- 1st National Marathon
- 1st National Superprestige
- 1st National Décathlon
- 1st Gen. Champion Zwalmvallei
- 1st Ace pigeon Long Distance Zwalmvallei
- 1st Champion "Long Distance National" (C.C. Hainaut)
- 1st Gen. Champion "Flemish Long Distance friends"
- 1st General Champion Long Distance club "Beveren-Roeselare"
Globally Vaneenoo is declared 1st in 16 various championships, whilst we also find him as :
5th Champions League - 8th Gen. Champion Inter-West Flanders
- 7th prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance youngsters KBDB W-Fl. - etc….etc…..

Gen. National Championship!

With the following results Vaneenoo placed himself as
1st General National Champion. - Total 8 prizes
57th nat. Irun (1,08%) (reg. 3rd /175p)
25th nat Narbonne(0,49%) (reg 1st/105p)
14th zone A Montélimar (1,10%) (reg 1st/49p)
266th nat Cahors (4,51%)(reg 14th/81p)
316th nat Orange (5,23%)(reg 5th/33p)
697th nat St Vincent II (10,68%)(reg 22nd/125p)
441st zone A Bourges II (5,21%)(reg 4th/198p)
168th zone A Argenton (2,60%) (reg 1st/201p),
with this he realised a total of 30,9382 %
and had a minimum advantage of 18% over his closest opponent.

" Out of 19 national races he only once missed his first nominated pigeon !

Here an overview of the results with the 1st nominated pigeon in the nationals, it was only a miss from La Souterraine for youngsters.
3988th / 16007p from Brive
132nd / 7873p from Montélimar
266th / 5894p from Cahors
282nd / 2157p from Pau
514th / 6187p from Montauban
102nd /1803p from San Sebastian
312th / 6035p from Orange
892nd / 12612p from Barcelona
57th / 5252p from Irun 12th / 1291p from Souillac
172nd / 5846p from Irun 25th / 5051p from Narbonne
3823rd / 31824p from Bourges youngsters
697th / 6521p from St Vincent yearlings
591st /5547p from Perpignan
217th / 1889p from Nantes youngsters I.P.
1307th /20844p from Argenton youngsters
2172nd /12587p from Gueret youngsters

" Flag carriers" of the colony in 2007 !
What is striking in the Vaneenoo loft are the magnificent results of the descendants of the "Moore" in the first, second and following generation. The "Moore" 3037094/96 won in '99 the 1st national Cahors against 13092p and in that same season the 44th nat Perigueux against 5739p.
His nest brother, with the name the "Di Stefano" 3037093/96 won in '98 the 2nd nat. Marseille 4356p, the 7th internat Marseille 19968p and in '99 the 35th nat Marseille 3246 p. Talk about an exceptional good line !!
"The" topper in 2007 was without doubt: the "Gambrinus " 3178137/04, who is a grandson of "Moore". This "Gambrinus" was amongst other things:
prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance old KBDB W-Fl, was 1st Ace pigeon Long Distance Zwalmvallei and 1st Ace pigeon Long Distance in FC Beveren-Roeselare.
His honours list includes: national 468th / 17456p Limoges in '05, we see 7th Tours 287p in '06, we see 738th internat. Dax 11517p '06 , then in 2007 nothing less than: 32nd Ablis 369p, 752nd prov Chateauroux 5712p, 132nd nat. Brive 16007p, 514th nat Montauban 6187p, 57th nat Irun 5252p.
A direct son of the "Moore" is the "Dorus"3181099/02, a chap with a whole series of prizes after his name, the most important being ; 458th nat Brive 19477p in '04, 80th nat Bordeaux 7519p in '04, 108th nat Brive 7446p in '04, 130th prov Chateauroux 4308p in '05, 524th nat Brive 9466p in '06, 102nd Eur-regio San Sebastian 1803p in '07, 861st internat Narbonne 9326p in '07.
Another direct son of the "Moore" is the "Godfried" 3178399/04, a late youngster who in turn performed tremendously. Despite the fact that he didn't travel as a youngster, he won as a yearling from Ablis, Chateauroux, Argenton and Limoges (356th zone A 8408p). In 2006 he won 126th prov. Orléans against 3021p, won 798th nat Limoges against 9545p, won 350th nat Cahors against 6654p and won 738th nat Limoges against 5804p.
In 2007 he won the 1st prov. Narbonne and 25th nat. against 5051p, as well as the 316th nat Orange against 6035p.
The "Goede Moore" 3178100/04 is also a direct son of the "Moore"…. as a two-year old he won 6th prov. Limoges against 1771p, won two weeks later the 634th nat. Limoges against 6642p and then once again two weeks later the 926th nat. Souillac against 6475p. Sticking to the line of the "Moore", we complete the series with two other sons, namely the "Hamilton" 3123299/05 (including 3rd prov Poitiers 1989p and 52nd interprov. Souillac 1291p) and the "Halifax" 3123399/05 (2nd prov Poitiers 1989p).
This to prove that we really have a line of top racers.
Two other interesting pigeons are : the "Goliath" and the "Dreumes".
The "Goliath" 3178394/04 won in his career 935th internat Narbonne 5870p, 238th nat Brive 9466p, 959th internat Pau 7218p, 703rd internat Irun, etc…
The "Dreumes" 3181182/02 was also a late youngster and won as yearling 2 x Tours, Limoges and Bourges, won as a two-year old from Bourges, from Cahors (538th nat against 7340p), won 25th Eur-regio San Sebastian against 1443p, won 937th internat Béziers 6602p . He then won as a three-year old 27th Eur-regio St Vincent against 1379p and in 2006 achieved classifications from Bouillon, Ablis (6th/269p), from Poitiers (214th/1917p) and the 154th internat Narbonne 9634p. Finally in 2007 the "Dreumes" scored from Ablis, from Angoulème, from Orange (386th nat against 6035p), from Irun : 172nd nat / 5846p and 298th internat. / 15627 pigeons.

By the youngsters we cite the "Bontje" 3024142/07, who won 7 prizes from more than 300 km, with in-between 172nd prov Brionne 8712p, the 217th interprov Nantes 1889p, the 73rd interprov Poitiers 1388p and the 655th zone A Gueret against 4798 pigeons.
"Marieke" 3024046/07 was also one of the toppers and she too won 7 prizes from more than 300 km with in-between 292nd zone A Bourges 8454p, the 168th zone A Argenton 6458p, the 192nd zone A Gueret 4798p.

" Some results from 2007 !
- 26/5 : Bourges 674 old: 2-3-6-17-18-22-25-32……
- 27/5 Orléans 350 yearlings: 8-13-16-34-35-42-45-46-48…(20/28 per 3)
- 16/6 Poitiers 606 two-year olds: 1-2-73….
- 16/6 Poitiers 1989 old: 2-3-193…..
- 16/6 Chateauroux 5174 yearlings: 1 -451-616-761….(15/27 per 3)
- 16/6 Cahors national 5894p: 266-753…(4/6)
- 30/6 Orange national 6035p: 316-386….(5/9)
- 6/7 Barcelona : 5/6 - 14/7 Heidelberg 3206 youngsters: 2-31-42-77-104…(7/13)
- 21/7 Souillac 237 yl: 7-8-14-34-35-38….(10/21)
- 21/7 Irun national 5846 p: 142-172-357-393 (4/6)
- 21/7 Dudelange 205 p: 2-4-6-7-8-10-11-12-14-15-17-20…(32/80 per 3)
- 28/7 Bourges 198 youngsters: 3-4-10-11-25-…….( 9/10 per 3)
- 4/8 Nantes 1889 youngsters: 36-217-260…..(8/12 per 3)
- 11/8 Argenton 201 youngsters: 1-3-6-9-11-17-20-21-29….(17/26 per 3)
- 11/8 Argenton national 6458 youngsters: 168-486-603-655….(14 prizes)
- 18/8 Poitiers 1388 youngsters: 73-100-204…….(7/11 per 3)
- 8/9 Gueret 241 youngsters: 2-6-11-16-20-28-34…..( 17/36 per 3)

That was our look at the particularly good season 2007 by the 1st Gen. Nat. Champion Julien Vaneenoo…. It was a super season, but there was another side to the coin. A few days after the official disclosure of the national title Marcel Moeykens, the carer, who together with Bart took care of the team of youngsters, died suddenly. The old pigeons are taken care of by Julien and the man who has been well-known for years, Pol Schoonbaert, the man who has experienced so many magnificent Long Distance performances including national victories. The duties of the late Marcel Moeykens have been taken over by Erwin Pollet, who is a keen and experienced pigeon fancier. In any case we would like once again to congratulate the whole of the Vaneenoo -team.