Vandenheede F. & J. - Zingem (BE) … successfully obtained the noble “Ace pigeon blood’ of the ‘Dream Couple’ with the golden stock bear ‘Limoges’ De Rauw-Sablon!

The 2010-2011 edition of ‘The Jewels of the Sky’ (JOS) is drawing to an end… the last part is ‘on line’ at the moment and ends on Sunday the 16th of January.

The original aim of these auctions was in the first instance to offer the clients pigeons from 40 current national and international top lofts … and secondly to auction pigeons from these people out their absolute ‘top couples’ (or if possible the ‘top pigeon’ self)… pigeons wherefrom you could not normally obtain something from, or are never offered for sale… in other words ‘exclusive pigeons’. The fact that PiPa has been more than successful… is not only proven by the extreme ‘quality’ offered week after week, but also by the numerous references which flow in year after year! Not only from the long line of fanciers who have had ‘success’ with their purchases from these JOS-auctions… but also from the ‘mother lofts’ in question, who in their own loft have won 1° prizes in one of the ‘classics’, or won an ‘Ace pigeon’… with direct children from pigeons which they had offered for sale in the ‘Jewels of the Sky’ !

One of the ‘wonders’ was booked in Zingem in 2010, in the colony of the brothers Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede. In the 2009 edition of ‘JOS’ one of their pigeons on offer was the ‘Dream Limo’ B04-4277488… a direct son of wonder breeder ‘Limoges’ B91-4261261 De Rauw-Sablon… not only the favourite pigeon of their ‘mentor’ Frans Sablon… but also one of the best, if not the ‘best’ racing and breeding pigeon ever bred from the legendary ‘Dream couple’ De Rauw-Sablon. The ‘Limoges’, which was bought by Freddy in the total auction of De Rauw-Sablon (as sale 1)… was at the time coupled with ‘Dromen B01-4383337’ (self 31° Nat Bourges 13.116 p., 24° Prov Chateauroux 6.855 p., 23° Prov Chateauroux 4.366 p…). This ‘Dream Limo’ was sold last year for 41.000 €… as the most expensive pigeon ever in the ‘Jewels of the Sky’. The buyer wasn’t just any old fancier… but a fancier of ‘real top pigeons’, namely Mr. Kai Er … this man who also bought this year a.o. the ‘Locco’ (1° Nat Brive 2010) from Johan Van Damme, and the ‘Ike’ (1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010) from Chris Hebberecht… and who, at the end of last year 2009, had already let his gaze fall on this ‘Dream Limo’!
But the funny thing about this story… is that this ‘Dream Limo’ (coupled with ‘Cara’ B07-4093208) in the lofts of  Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, in 2010… is father of the 11° Nat. Ace pigeon ‘Grand Middle Distance’ KBDB 2010… and he did it as follows :

-B08-4095320 ‘The 11° Nat Ace pigeon

 La Souterraine 1.078 p. 2
Bourges        3.771 p. 6
Vierzon        2.929 p. 7
Argenton       5.763 p. 12
Chateauroux    4.601 p. 12
Bourges       10.906 p. 59
Bourges       22.499 p. 73 etc  

And with this he was also 7° Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB E-Fl + 11° Nat Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB 2010!
Talk about ‘top references’! At the moment Freddy & Jacques are taking part in the last edition of the ‘JOS’-auction of 2010-2011… where once again they are offering a son of this breeding legend ‘Limoges’ (this time coupled with ‘Mispa’, which self won 2° Nat Limoges Hens ’03 + 11° Nat Limoges 16.504 p)… with the ‘Mispa Limo’ B04-4277500… you can find him in the ‘JOS’ January II – Part 6 Nr 2. A chance not to be missed, and without doubt a unique opportunity of obtaining a direct son of this wonder breeder ‘Limoges’! Because the Vandenheede brothers have, as more or less single proprietor in the West-European hemisphere, the ‘privilege’ of having such a beautiful collection of direct descendants of this golden stock bear ‘Limoges’ in their lofts… something which we as ‘outsider’ should make thankful use of, when such opportunities present themselves! Who knows, with this ‘Mispa Limo’ a new producer of ‘Ace pigeons’ or ‘winners’ up to provincial and national level could be on offer? The ‘Dream Limo’, and his numerous (half)brothers and sisters in the past, have proven that there is a good chance… the noble ‘Ace pigeon blood’ of the ‘Dream Couple’ De Rauw-Sablon in ‘full glory’ !

The golden ‘stock bear’ - WONDER BREEDER- The  LIMOGES 4261261/91

Brother 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance  KBDB 2001


Grandfather ‘Lucky 85’: 1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2006
Self son of the ‘Dream Couple’: ALBERT x PAOLA!
Won self a cartload of top prizes, including 

 1°  Dourdan            204 p.
1°  Limoges            552 p.
1°  Chateauroux        293 p.
4°  Chateauroux      6.140 p.
17° Marseille        2.932 p.
73° Int Marseille   15.078 p.
22° Nat Limoges     10.675 p.
29° Nat Limoges     10.291 p. (2-year olds)
154°Bourges         10.156 d… etc . 

That we are talking about a ‘WONDER BREEDER’,
is proven by the breeding results so as:
Grandfather 1° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’05: LUCKY 77 (E.Limbourg)!
Grandfather 1° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’06: LUCKY 85 (E.Limbourg)!
Grandfather of the world famous ‘DROMER’ De Rauw-Sablon!
Grandfather of the 2° Nat Ace pigeon ‘Grand Middle Distance’ KBDB ’06 (L.Van den Eynde)!
Grandfather 11° Nat Ace pigeon ‘Grand Middle Distance’ KBDB ’10 (Fr & J.Vandenheede)!
Is father of super hen ‘LIEVE 712/98’: mother of  DROMER, KASTAAR etc…
Is father of ‘DREAM LIMO’: father 7° Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance + 11° Nat Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB 2010
Is father of CHANTAL: 77° Nat La Souterraine  13.488 p. in ‘98
Is father of MONTAUBAN: a.o. 90° Nat Montauban 6.711 p. ‘02
Is father of CEDRIC: a super breeding talent, self father of ODILON, FABIEN, ROB…
Is father of BOURGESKE: a.o. 30° Nat Bourges 36.506 p. ‘00
Is father of the CRACKSKE: winner ‘Silver Oscar 97’ (Nat. Flanders Cup).
Is father of BERTRAND: 178° Intpr Vierzon 12.705 p, 270° Nat Limoges 16.945p…
Is father of the ‘LIEVE’ by Gaby Vandenabeele: mother of the 1° Prov Angoulême 1.764 p ’03 and 3° Prov Poitiers 2.766 p. ’03!
Is also father of the ‘SJAH’ 695/02 (a gift from Frans Sablon to Freddy: out the LIMOGES x GOUDKLOMPJE): a super breeder in Zingem, and amongst other things father of the 8th Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB, in addition to a bunch of other ‘crack pigeons’ !