Van Toor Brothers (Vlaardingen, NL) has been among the very best sprint teams in The Netherlands for years

The Van Toor brothers continue to demonstrate their class in the sprint competition with the old birds and the young birds, with some of the finest pigeons of Leo Heremans and a few other international top players.

The Van Toor family

Pigeon racing is indeed a family matter here in the town of Vlaardingen. The twin brothers Henk and Jan, who race under the banner of the Van Toor Brothers, have been keeping a highly successful team of old and young racing birds for many years now. In addition, their three grandchildren (Daan and the twins Tim and Lucas) are also keeping a team of young birds in the loft of their father Dennis (Henk's son) under the name Van Tool Brothers Jr. The two combinations were both part of the Dutch delegation for the Budapest Olympiad in the sports category, with the following pigeons:

1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B with Olympic Santa Ana          (Gebr. van Toor)
3rd Olympiad Pigeon Cat. F with Olympic Tamara             (Gebr. van Toor Jr.)
1st Substitute Olympiad Pigeon Cat. F with Olympic Fenomenale (Gebr. van Toor)

We take a closer look at these three champions in a minute, but we start with an overview of their best results in recent years (Gebr. Van Toor junior & senior together):

Sens            419 km 3,889 p.:1-2-3-4-6-30-37-etc. (11/16)
Peronne         241 km 3,216 p.: 1-2-3-6-8-11-16-21-25-27-etc. (51/82)
Morlincourt     277 km 2,982 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-9-10-11-20-21-22-47-etc. (59/79)
Nanteuil        328 km 2,620 p.: 2-3-5-7-12-14-15-26-35-36-38-etc. (49/74)
Mantes-la-Jolie 372 km 2,134 p.: 3-4-5-6-7-10-16-17-20-23-25-30-31-32-35-40-etc. (53/70)
Sens            419 km 1,771 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-12-13-16-17-22-23-24-32-etc. (48/65)
Troyes          404 km 1,076 p.: 1-2-5-6-7-8-11-13-14-16-23-25-26-30-33-39-40-51-
                                 52-etc. (29/43)
Nanteuil        329 km 1,748 p.: 5-13-14-15-23-27-38-40-43-52-etc. (27/50)
Pt.-St.-Maxence 316 km 1,283 p.: 3-4-10-14-15-16-32-39-40-50-52-57-66-70-73-etc. (31/44)

Click here for an overview of all the pigeons with a top-10 NPO and/or National.

NL12-1599829 Olympic Santa Ana

As we said, Olympic Santa Ana represented The Netherlands in the Budapest Olympiad. She belonged to the team of hens that Henk and Jan had raced in widowhood. Her list of achievements is nothing short of impressive, and the same goes for her pedigree: both her parents are direct Leo Heremans pigeons. Her sire is BE10-6201658 Junior Olympiade, a son of Leo's world famous Olympiade (Olympiad Pigeon Liévin 2003). The dam is BE09-6269366 Venus, an invaluable breeding hen for the Van Toor brothers. She is a granddaughter of such illustrious Heremans pigeons as Olympiade, Eenoogske, Dochter Jan and Nieuwe Rossi. Venus is also the dam of Esmee (8th Nat. Sector 2 Ablis 8,305 p.), Ozon (4th NPO Peronne 8,092 p.) and Tara (15th NPO Ablis 5,600 p.). Click here to see the impressive pedigree of Olympic Santa Ana. Her most important results include:

1st Sens    3,889 p.
2nd Sens    1,858 p.
3rd Meaux   2,714 p.
4th Peronne 1,670 p.
5th Peronne 2,836 p.
6th Peronne 1,627 p.
8th Mantes    934 p.

NL14-1041396 Olympic Tamara

Olympic Tamara won the title of 3rd Dutch Olympiad Pigeon in category F. She was particularly successful in the NPO races:

 1st NPO Morlincourt 7,682 p. (teletext)
 2nd NPO Menen       5,799 p. (teletext)
18th NPO Mantes      5,438 p.

The sire of Olympic Tamara (Prins) is a son of stock pair Max x Nora of Jan Straver (Rotterdam, NL). Her dam is Alexia, which is in turn a granddaughter of the iconic Olympiade of Leo Heremans. Click here for the full pedigree of Olympic Tamara.

NL14-1042238 Olympic De Fenomenale

And then there is Olympic De Fenomenale, 1st substitute Olympiad Pigeon Category F for The Netherlands. Besides many other top results his most prominent achievement is a 1st Sens Sector 2 against 17,442 pigeons (and the fastest of 64,563 pigeons). Olympic De Fenomenale is a son of the proven breeding pair Home Run x New Vegas. Home Run comes straight from the loft of the Braad-de Joode combination (Wouldrichem, NL), and he is a grandson of Home Alone (Olympiad Pigeon). Another successful son of Home Run x New Vegas is Kees; he became 2nd National Ace Pigeon in 2015​. Click here for the full pedigree of Olympic De Fenomenale.

NL15-1690901 Chiala

Racing hen Olympic Tamara has developed into an outstanding breeding bird, and one of her daughters is Chiala. The sire of Chiala is Kees, a full brother of Olympic Fenomenale. Click here to see the full pedigree of Chiala. Chiala has won quite a few top prizes already, including a 3rd NPO Pt.-St.-Maxence against 3498 pigeons.

NL15-1690961 Violetta

Another talented daughter of Olympic Tamara is Violetta, which is thus a half sister of Chiala, which we just talked about. Olympic Tamara was now paired to Mr. Taipei City. This top class breeding bird is a full brother of De Jan (6 first prizes), and he is also the sire of Olympic Leo (Olympiad Pigeon Poznan 2011). You can find the full pedigree of Violetta here. Violetta was 3rd Ace Pigeon YBs (Rayon Midden Province 5), and these are her most important achievements:

 1st NPO Troyes      7,553 p. (and the fastest of 8,667 p.)
43rd Nanteuil        1,748 p.
40th Pt.-St.-Maxence 1,283 p.
72nd Sens            1,090 p.
44th Pt.-St.-Maxence   309 p.

NL15-1690953 Glorius

And to wrap up our overview, here is Glorious, 1st Ace Pigeon YBs in Province 5. This excellent racing hen has won:

 17th NPO Pt.-St.-Maxence 3,815 p.
 18th NPO Mantes          4,794 p.
 27th NPO Sens            2,056 p.
 27th NPO Troyes          2,487 p.
129th NPO Pt.-St.-Maxence 3,498 p.

She has quite a palmares and her pedigree is worth taking a closer look at as well. Her sire is Churchill Jr. (grandson Olympiade 003), and he is a half brother of Mandela (1st NPO Creil 18,866 p.) and Victoria (2nd NPO Creil 18,866 p.). He is also the sire of Gust (3rd Ace Pigeon Region 2014), Leo (3rd Ace Pigeon Entente 2014), and Toro Rosso (6th NPO Sens 5,988 p. and 7th Ace Pigeon Region 2015). The dam of Glorius is a granddaughter of Goede Rode (Dirk van den Bulck). Click here for the full pedigree of Glorius.

Closing words

The Van Toor pigeon family has quite a passion for pigeon racing. Henk and Jan are always looking for new pigeons to further refine their homogeneous pigeon breed. Things have worked out really well, as you can tell from their outstanding results over the years. It resulted in three Olympiad Pigeons and several championship titles, both for the Van Toor brothers (Henk and Jan) and for their young successors Daan, Tim and Lucas.