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Van Toor Brothers Jr. (Maren-Kessel, NL) crush their opponents in province East Brabant

The first important challenge in the young birds' competition at provincial level, the race from Nanteuil, was won by the Van Toor brothers Jr. from Maren-Kessel, a town in Brabant.

Dennis van Toor strikes in province 3 East Brabant, winning a 1st Nanteuil of 3,849 p.

Dennis van Toor makes a fresh start with Lambrechts pigeons

Dennis and his kids have been successfully racing pigeons in their loft in Vlaardingen in South Holland, under the name of Van Toor Brothers Jr. Their most eye-catching result came from Olympic Tamara, which competed in the 2015 Budapest Olympiad (as 3rd Dutch Olympiad Pigeon category F). Dennis moved to Maren-Kessel in Brabant in 2017, where he built a new loft in his backyard, and Olympic Tamara moved along with him. The team made a fresh start on this new location with a group of 2016 summer youngsters, all bred from the champions from earlier years. Dennis also invested in pigeons of Stefaan Lambrechts (Nijlen, BE): he obtained as many as 95 youngsters from the Belgian grandmaster.

Victory in Duffel

In 2018 the team was back on its feet, as you can tell from their victory in the disctrict in Duffel, racing against 2756 young birds in the competitive CC Oss district (with a Lambrechts x sister Olympic Tamara).

Winner from Nanteuil in province East Brabant

NL19-1030958, 1st Nanteuil province 3 East Brabant

In the first provincial race of the season everything fell into place for Dennis and his team in Maren Kessel. Pigeons were driven forward by a strong southwesterly wind, and the first two birds arrived home with a velocity of over 2100 m/min, leaving behind a strong group of birds from Province 3. Dennis celebrated a double victory against 3849 pigeons. The dam of his race winner in Nanteuil is one of those birds that he obtained from Stefaan Lambrechts, and the sire is a half brother of Olympic TamaraClick here for the full pedigree.

Double victory thanks to racing bird 983

NL19-1030983, 2nd Nanteuil province 3 East Brabant

Racing bird NL19-1030983 arrived home a mere 10 seconds after the winner, making this a double provincial victory for the Van Toor Brothers Jr. The dam of this 983 comes from Belgium as well (she is a daughter of Brother Bolt). The sire of the pigeon that arrived home right behind the 958 stems from Olympic Fenomenale (1st Substitute Olympiad Pigeon Cat. F Budapest 2015) and Olympic Santa Ana (1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat. MD Budapest 2015). This pairing appears to be a big success: one week after the race from Nanteuil we see her nest sister 19-984 take the win in Chimay in Entente Stedelijk Oss. Click here for the pedigree of the 19-983.

Confidence in the future

The excellent results with the young birds are very confidence-inspiring for Dennis, who does set himself a high bar. The team is looking forward to how the young birds' season will unfold, since we still have a sectoral race from Lorris and the classic from Orléans ahead of us.