Van Houten W&M Auction - Super succes! 2.775 EURO average!

The auction of International Barcelona winners 2009 Van Houten Wim & Martin ended this afternoon. The result was above all expectations! An unbelievable total amount of 252.500 EURO for 91 pigeons! The international Barcelona winner herself, Nellie, was sold at 96.000 EURO (incl. 20% tax) to Mr. Myojin/Aikyunotomo (biggest pigeon magazine in Japan)!

The father was sold at 11.400 EURO to China, and the mother at 10.200 EURO, to Mr. Kijima, Japan. Other topbirds were Sale #1 Big Brother at 8.400 EURO, Sale #7 at 5.800 EURO, Sale #8 at 6.000 EURO, Sale #30 at 9.600 EURO, Sale #32 at 6.000 EURO & Sale #63 at 19.200 EURO. Total average price was 2.775 EURO for 91 pigeons.