Van Haute Marc wins National Guéret 2007 against 12.558 youngsters (2007)

Marc met vrouw Van Haute en winnende duif, Smetlede

The Race

For the closing of the National season the Belgian pigeon team travelled to the French county Limousin, to the city with about 15.000 inhabitants: Guéret. 12.558 youngsters were ready for liberation from the Creuse department and 8h45 the last classic began. There was a northern wind and the temperature was cool for the time of year, especially taking into account the weather forecast for the late summer. These were the conditions for the closing race of 2007!

The Winner
The winning pigeon landed by Marc Van Haute in Smetlede. Marc, a military soldier is an ardent Pipa-fan. When the pigeons are expected home, he constantly checks the website and regularly bears down on the update button. When Pipa had nothing to report, he checked other websites, but the athletes kept everyone waiting longer than anticipated. There was little or nothing known when “Silke” (4259033/07) landed in Smetlede. She flew the 555,752km with an average velocity of 1145,88m/m. This was enough to win against 12.558 youngsters and she was even the fastest from the 15.006 participants of all ages.

The system

Marc, born between the pigeons as a son of a sprint racer, moved to his current address in Smetlede in 1995. Mr. Van Haute weighed everything up and decided he was best suited to racing youngsters. A few pigeons were started with early breeding. The eggs from the 10 best couples were placed under other pigeons. 57 youngsters were ringed this year. The sexes were separated when the youngsters were removed from their parents. Darkening was used by the young hens, but not by the young cocks. At the beginning of the season it is a matter of waiting to see how things turn out for the hens. According to Marc, this is because of the darkening. There were no big losses with the pigeons where darkening was used. When the cocks that perform well at the beginning of the season start moulting, the hens take over. The hens entered for Guéret still had full wings or had only lost one feather. Marc wants to race the national races next year. He doesn't want to use lighting or darkening, he has to look for a system that suits him.

The father of the winner

matters 75% of his pigeons are of Rudy Hendrickx (Maasmechelen) origin, so Marc thinks it is only logical that the medical side of things also comes from this direction. Prior to the season the pigeons are treated for 12 days with ornithosemix. During the season they are given “thuiskomst” (homecoming”every week. After eight weeks the pigeons are individually treated for tricho with various suitable products. Ambitions Marc Van Haute's ambition is to win a national title for youngsters. It doesn't look like he will achieve his ambition in 2007. He hopes to retire in about nine years, and hopes then to have a widowhood team to enter for the races up to and including Limoges and Souillac. Victories 1st National Guéret 2007 (12.558 youngsters) 2nd National Champion KBDB youngsters 2006 12th National Champion KBDB youngsters 2005 Trophies from De Reisduif 2004 + 2006 King Lokerse Fondclub ( Long Distance Club) 2006: long distance youngsters Ace pigeon Lokerse Fondclub 2006: long distance youngsters (4279328/06) King Lokerse Fondclub 2006: long distance youngsters 1st place youngsters Long Distance East Flanders 2006


It was no amateur who won Guéret 2007 for youngsters. A quick look at some of the victories makes it clear that this fancier is moving in an upward spiral with his results. The Pipa-team congratulates the Van Haute family once again for this national victory and splendid list of honours!