Valya & Rosen Dobrevi (Bulgaria) successfully aiming at one loft races

The most successful team at SAMDPR for the last two years Valya & Rosen Dobrevi showed their potential in 2019 with 6th place, and again with a 38th place in SAMDPR ’20 editions. Their fantastic results are based around one loft race bloodlines.

Valya & Rosen Dobrevi is very ambitious team of a father and daughter from Bulgaria. With a head start in 2016 winning 1,2,3,4 up to 52th place from 316 pigeons in the club, the team continues to dominate in races but now with focus on one loft races.

In 2017 the team decided to start participating in the biggest one loft races. Rosen explains: “The breeders need to be in perfect condition before pairing up in order to obtain the best youngsters possible, as the competition in those races is really tough.

Most of this team’s prize winners in recent years are related to the Hardy Kruger bloodline (Nikolay, Black Pearl, Letizia, Black Power, Dior, Streetfighter) and a combination of Bart Geerinckx x birds of PIPA Elite Center. The main breeders however and the backbone of their fantastic performances are without any doubt Super Hardy & Kld.Bertie, the parents of the current super star “Miss Kriss”.

BG18-30440 Miss Kriss

In the 2019 edition of SAMDPR, the team attended the competition with 8 birds in the race, and at the final race they claimed the 6th place. Rosen Dobrev tells us a little story about her: “MISS KRISS was a sort of dropout when in one of the trainings I saw her in the list of holdbacks before training flight 7. But slowly she started to recuperate and gained strength to participate in the races forthcoming.”

At the final race “MISS KRISS” claimed 6th place beating more than 5.500 pigeons in the race, and after the auction of the pigeons, the team bought her back and now she is in the breeding loft.

Miss Kriss is a combination of genes.

Father of Miss Kriss, Super Hardy who won in 2017 - 43º IN FINAL RACE ALGARVE GOLDEN RACE (only 70 pigeons at  the day, from over 5.000 at the start). Super Hardy is not just a super racer, but also an incredible breeding cock after becoming father to MISS KRISS 6th place in SAMDPR’19. Super Hardy is a son of the super breeder Nikolay (from Black Pearl, a direct bird from Hardy Kruger and the mother of Super Hardy is direct from Danny de Voogd, the super breeding hen called Porsche Acy from Bart Geerinckx & PEC combination.

Mother of Miss Kriss, kld. Bertie is a direct bird from Jan v.d. Pasch & Dht
, an already proven breeding hen. She delivered two incredible daughters first in 2017 achieving 15th place in the final of BELGIAN MASTER’17, and than 6th place in SAMDPR’19 with MISS KRISS. She is a combination of Gaby Vandenabeele via Zoon Clyde (Clyde was an excellent racing and breeding bird, and the sire of 1st and 4th Nat. Argenton. Clyde is also the grandfather of the aforementioned Olympiad Pigeon Shaïna.). Zoon Clyde was crossed to Dht. Bertie (from Broer Olympic 4 x Bertie 1 Nat. Asduif NPO Allround 2003).

Miss Kriss

So Miss Kriss comes from Super Hardy (Nikolay x Porsche Acy) paired to Kld. Bertie (son Clyde x dht. Berti).

Best results in the one loft races: 

6th place Final Race - SAMDPR’19 – BG 18-30440 MISS KRISS – 2.531d
38th place Final Race - SAMDPR’20 – BG 19 – 32125 MOHICAN – 1.548d.
16th place Hot Spot 5 - SAMDPR’20 – BG 19 – 32125 MOHICAN – 1.756d.
th place Hot Spot 4 - SAMDPR’20 – BG 19 – 32185 Daisy – 1.947d.
19th Hot Spot Averages - SAMDPR’19 – BG 18- 30499 Justify 1half-brother MISS KRISS – 2.577d.
43th Hot Spot Averages - SAMDPR’19 – BG 18-30508 Carisma – half-sister MOHICAN – 2.577d.
6th Hotspot 3 - VFWCPR’20 - Alberto Contador BG 19-32172 brother MISS KRISS – 2.407d.
6th Hotspot 2 - VFWCPR’20 - Miss Kriss Victoria BG 19-32177
sister MISS KRISS – 2.588d.
3rd Ace FCI Europa Master Pigeons’20 - RO-20-362143 daughter MISS KRISS – 1.133d.
th Final Race Belgian Master’17 – Half-Sister MISS KRISS – 771d.
43th Final Race Algarve Golden Race’17
BG -17 37257 SUPER HARDY – father MISS KRISS – 2.624d.
4th Hot Spot 3 - Europa Master Pigeons’20 – BG 20 – 013012 - Half-Sister MISS KRISS – 1.056d.

41th Final Pattaya International Pigeon Race’19 - BUL 19-32163 – 1.941d.
26th First Race 330 km. Race Pattaya International Pigeon Race’19 - BUL 19-32135 – 3.050d. 

Those are the best results, but there are many more prestigious results in other one loft races over the world.