Use our handy filters for a quick and targeted auction search

A while ago, we introduced the so-called filters to help you look for specific pigeons in our online PIPA auctions. For this auction season, we further expanded the possibilities of this search tool.

As a buyer, you often have a specific type of bird in mind that you want to introduce in your breeding loft. You are thinking of a specific sex, type of build (back, tailbones, overall size), eye colour, type of plumage, etc. Our filters will help you do a targeted search for the pigeons that meet your demands.



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You can find the filter icon for each auction next to the number of lots for that specific auction. To get started, simply click on the icon and the filter will appear. We have added some new features to help you perform a more targeted search.

New filter options

For the auction of the Victoria Falls Challenge Pigeon Race for instance, you can pick the name of a fancier if you just want to see his pigeons. Let's say you are an ambitious extreme long distance fancier who is planning to invest in Jellema pigeons. You can now tick his name in the breeder filter, and you will get an overview of all the Jelle Jellema pigeons on offer.

You can now filter on origins as well. Are you looking to buy youngsters or grandchildren of Tom of André Roodhooft? Head over to André's auction and to the filter page. Look for the 'origins' filter and tick the boxes 'Youngsters Tom' and 'Grandchildren Tom', and the auction overview on the right will only list youngsters/grandchildren of Tom.

An overview of the youngsters/grandchildren of Tom in the André Roodhooft auction.

We have also recently introduced the option to specifically filter on breeding references and/or racing achievements. This will make things a lot easier for fanciers looking to invest in breeding or racing birds with a proven record.


These extra filters will give you additional tool when trying to get your hands on the pigeon that you have been dreaming of. Do not hesitate to try it yourself in the coming weeks, good luck!