Ultra Boy of Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE) takes zonal win from Poitiers against 3,122 old birds , as well as a second national

Chris Debacker is having a great season again! Last week he only just missed out on a great victory from Poitiers. Ultra Boy BE11-3073269 took a second national against 13,813 old birds and he managed to take the zonal victory against over 3,000 pigeons!

Last week’s national race from Poitiers was again a hard race for most pigeons. Only fanciers with really strong pigeons could hope for an early arrival. Chris Debacker’s Ultra Boy won a second national prize in the old birds’ race and covered 525 km in 7h 58min 56sec, at a velocity of 1097.34m/min. This was enough for a zonal victory!

Ultra Boy

Ultra Boy, fourth provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance as a young bird, is obviously not a one trick pony. Let’s have a look at some of his best achievements over the years:

Poitiers nat.          2/13,813
Poitiers zon.          1/3,122
Poitiers prov.         2/2,573
Clermont               1/253
Clermont               2/311
Clermont               3/353
Clermont               3/162
Angerville             9/558
Clermont               10/375
Angerville             11/466
Blois                  37/1,134
Bourges prov.          79/1,877 

These are the achievements you can expect from a pigeon with such excellent origins. The sire is Quentin, BE07-3101889, a great racing pigeon and winner of several top prizes:

1st  prov Tours 1,970 p.
5th  Prov Tours 2,394 p.
18th Prov Tours 2,874 p.
73rd Prov Tours 2,503 p.
74th Prov Tours 3,837 p.
7th  Ablis 541 p.

Quentin originates from the best bloodlines of Cools-Blancke and Eric Vermander. The dam of Ultra Boy is in turn a daughter of the stock pair of Chris Debacker: Nick: BE04-3238525 (from grandson Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele) x Natacha BE04-3028274. Natacha is the full sister of Lambik, winner of a first provincial prize from Blois for Chris. Nick x Natacha are the parents of an entire family of highly successful descendants which are now the sire or dam of a new generation. We briefly discuss a few pigeons bred from this stock pair:

  • De Prof BE06-3145175: 10th prov. Ace Pigeon and a good breeder
  • De Panamarenco BE06-3145085 : 7 first prizes and an excellent breeder
  • De Peanuts BE06-3145092: top class breeding hen and the dam of Trollie BE10-3029547 (13th prov. Ace Pigeon Young Birds and 3rd prov. Ace Pigeon Yearlings) and Torkan BE10-3029584 (2nd prov. Ace Pigeon and 9th nat. Bourges)
  • De Quico BE07-3101873: excellent racer and the sire of Tilly BE10-3029550 (2nd prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance ’10) and Valentino BE12-3098401 (5th prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds ’12)
  • De Randy BE08-3145283, sire of quite a few excellent racing pigeons
  • De Staf BE09-3088279: 3rd prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Yearlings and a top class racing pigeon. He has won for instance a 2nd Clermont 322 p, a 9th Clermont 10,259 p., a 1st Orléans 147 p., a 5th Tours 284 p., a 16th Tours 3,085 p., a 3rd Orléans 677 p., an 8th Ablis 587 p., etc. De Staf is in turn the sire of Toon BE10-3029519 (top class racer and breeder) and BE12-3098349 (one of the stars in the racing team of 2012 and winnre of a 12th prov. La Souterraine). Staf is also the grandfather of the best young bird of H. Dhondt from Semmerzake which achieved great results in the national races of 2011. He is also the grandfather of Stuart (first Clermont), Saartje BE09-3098264 (an outstanding hen) and Salomez BE09-3098240, which was placed in the breeding loft and which is now the sire of the first prize winner from Clermont 2012.
  • De Tine BE10-3029564: a great racing hen as a young bird and a great breeder as well: she is the dam of the BE12-3098386, winner of 1st Arras 368 p. / 13th Blois 3619 p. / 53rd Fontenay 6150 p., etc…
  • Walter Coussens from Oostrozebeke has a daughter of this stock pair as well, which has bred the first Provincial from Tours.

It is obvious that the performance of Ultra Boy this weekend was not a surprise! Click here for the pedigree of Ultra Boy.

Chris Debacker is having another great season; he has won eleven first prizes up to now. Click here to check the results of 2013.