UK: A Hattrick of victories for the United Kingdom In the Sun City Million Dollar Car Races

Yes it’s true the British pigeons are proving to be the birds to beat in the 2011 Sun City Million Dollar ‘Hot Spot’ races so far. A couple of weeks ago I informed you about N & A Evans & Cuthbert bird which won 1st place and the car nom in ‘Hot spot’ 1.

Then in the 2nd race of the series a bird entered by Montila Brothers finished in  1st Nominated in the car nom, so the brothers Robert & Peter have won the U.K’s. second car in the second race flown from nearly 160 miles. The lads are obviously delighted with their win. Their entry was won in a sponsorship from SCMDPR awarded by the Midlands National Flying Club. Pieter Oberholster the UK shipper has always believed that the British pigeons were capable of winning against the very best birds entered worldwide and boys are the homebred birds once again putting the Great in Britain and we should all be filled with reflected pride,  3 x 1st International victories by Mr Bullen, Mr & Mrs Cooper and Mark Gilbert now followed by 3 x Motorcars in the arguably the greatest One Loft race on earth.

Piet & Robert Montila with UK Shipper Pieter Oberholster

The Montila’s bird called ‘Solitaire Super VR’ is from a cock bird actually bred by Pieter which is a full brother to the father of Pieter’s 2010 Derby Arona One Loft Tenerife Car winner. With a bird that won 1st, 3rd and 4th in the race series and over 15,000 euros. The bird is a grandson of Pieter’s Smits van Winckel cock which he quite rightly calls ‘Super Cock’ from the Berndinx line. The ‘Winckels’ are pigeons that are close to my heart also and my good friend Jules Smit will be delighted to hear how well his birds are performing on the International Stage. The mother of the Montila’s winner is a pigeon bred by R & B Smith of Burtonwood and is a daughter of their ‘North West Nantes cock’ when paired to a daughter of their famous ‘Dearn’s Cock’ which was a superb racer and breeder right up to 500 miles. Robert Montila told me that this hen has been a good breeder for them and this win is the ‘icing on the cake’.

I’m sure that fanciers will wish to add their congratulations to two genuine men who never chase the limelight but often due to their results the ‘limelight’ often chases them.

Stop the  Press – Breaking news!

I was bearly half way through this announcement when the lastest amazing news was revealed that another British bird named ‘Gribbles Choice 2’ has won a third motor car in the latest ‘Hot Spot’ race flown earlier today 18 Dec 2011 for the Gribbles Choice Syndicate. In this tough event from 189 miles which took 4 hours 15 minutes to compete which saw U.K. pigeons fill not only 1st but also  3rd  Open placing with a pigeon called ‘Sussex Solitaire’ entered by the Sussex Syndicate. Many congratulations on yet another fabulous result for Great Britain and the breeders of other birds to fill the top honours. Hopefully I will be able to get more details of these pigeons for a second report. This 3 x  back on back 1st Open Car wins I believe is new record at the SCMDPR.