Two auctions end on Sunday: C&G Koopman and Heremans-Ceusters collection by Premier Stud

Sunday two auctions are ending, below you find an intro on both auctions. First auction ends at 1pm Belgium time

Premier Stud (UK): Heremans-Ceusters collection
The sensational rise to fame of Heremans Ceusters in the UK of the recent seasons is in no small way directly been caused by the impact of Premier Stud … they bought a round of young birds in the years of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2012; eventually over 300 birds bred in Vorselaer have found their way to Premier in the UK. Then Premier Studs policy of sending aqueakers out to many customers to race and find the ones producing winners has paid dividends for many, many UK customers. To such an extent that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of Heremans Ceusters based winning birds in the UK right now, that are without question for a huge part originating from Premier Stud, the weekly pigeon newspapers of the UK are quoting all the time winners of such origin, it has become a phenomenon! The references of winners supplied to Premier Stud for this sale is like that of an ice burg, what you see is probably only 10% and the other 90% is lurking under the water/ Premier has decided that all the foundation breeders born in the years 2005 2006 2007 will be brought to sale at PIPA, all the others bred after this will be retained at Premier … These are the best of Heremans-Ceusters Premier Stud owns … Every single one has bred winners! Not all the birds they bought are present; some did not breed winners , some were not good enough and are gone! A few that are proving not 100% fertile in 2012 will also not be offered … However what is on offer is the foundation birds that made the name Heremans Ceusters famous in the UK.

Gerard Koopman (NL): 45 young birds from the best breeders (with DNA!)
The sale of a round of young birds at PIPA has become a yearly tradition for Gerard Koopman. Year after year his pigeons guarantee success in lofts all over the World. They perform very well in their home loft in Ermerveen as well; they had a very successful 2012 season. Many fanciers are looking forward to this auction because they know that Gerard offers his very best birds at PIPA. His pigeons have influenced fanciers all over the World and their talent is unprecedented. This is an exclusive auction of pure gold from Ermerveen! All pigeons are offered with DNA determination … DNA material was taken from the pigeons by notary Mr. Hinderikus Richard Grievink and checked by DNA-experts for relationships. The result is mentioned on the pedigree, by means of a sticker; all official papers can be shown by Team Koopman.

Hans Dekkers (NL): best racers & breeders
From 2005 to 2011 Hans Dekkers has always been in the national top 10 in the championships of the One Day Long Distance races of 500-750 km (the National One Day Long Distance ‘fondspiegel’). This makes him probably one of the most continuously successful Dutch champions in this discipline. His team of top class pigeons has won no less than 63 teletext notations in NPO races during that period. In 2012 he was first Champion One Day Long Distance for the entire Northern Union. In 2011 he achieved a unique feat in winning two provincial championships in District 7, once in the middle distance (300-500km) and once in the one day long distance (500-700km). Other highlights include the first NPO Blois 2010, the first NPO Nanteuil Le Haudouin 2010 and the first NPO Chateauroux 2011. This is a unique opportunity to obtain some high class breeders from ‘Hedikhuizen’ via PIPA.

Martin de Poorter (NL): best racers & breeders
Martin de Poorter is one of the few fanciers in Zeeland who managed to win regional top prizes week after week. He also had a successful season in 2012 with for instance a 1st National St. Vincent ZLU with a direct Piet Blancke pigeon, bred from two direct pigeons of Antoine & Rudi De Saer. So he added the bloodlines of two international icons to his own top flyers. Martin decided to form a partnership with Twan Bongers and that is why he is going to sell his best racing and breeding pigeons. PIPA hopes to sell a few great champions in this auction.

Desbuquois Gebr. (BE): 10 yb from their Barcelona collection (with DNA!)
The most important international race, the classic from Barcelona, has always been the main focus of the Desbuquois brothers: the Barcelona specialists have already had three different national Barcelona winners in the lofts. For PIPA they have bred a select group of young birds that are closely related to their Barcelona winners. These birds are bred in the lofts of the true Barcelona masters.