Two auctions are ending today! Marcel Aelbrecht collection and September Auction 1

Today PIPA has 2 auctions ending. You can always find the auctions by clicking 'Auctions' in your menu. Below an introduction for both auctions.

September Auction 1:

In 'September Auction 1' nine top fanciers together offer a marvellous selection of breeders, racers and youngsters:

Roger Debusschere offers 12 pure Ludo Claessens pigeons, including 10 from his best children of ‘Jonge Supercrack’.
Delrue-Vanbruaene brings 8 extreme long distance birds in auction, with 3 national toppers amongst them.
Claes-Nakajima is up for five excellent ‘Freddy’ descendants (2 children of ‘Mr. Expensive’).
Cor Leijtens offers 10 young pearls from his breeding icons.
Jo Hendriks & Son offers 2 top racers and 2 children of the new top breeder ‘Joris’ (2 x 1st prov. at Vandenabeele).
Eight pigeons of Belgian giant David Vermassen.
Five pigeons of Dutch sensation Henri vd Berg.
Six pigeons of ‘Claessens strain keeper’ Sakis Minovgioudis (a.o. two 1st acebirds).
Six marathon pigeons of ZLU champions H. & R. Jongen complete this superior auction on PIPA!

Koen Lietaert: Marcel Aelbrecht collection

In the last decade the golden birds from Lebbeke have gained worldwide recognition by dominating the national ace pigeon championships. Koen Lietaert puts a highly exclusive collection of Aelbrecht pigeons on offer at PIPA. The showpieces of this collection are the two latest children of the renowned Smallen 970 from 2009. This pigeon is father of Patron (1st Nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB) and Miss Joice (sold for 62,400 Euros at the auction of André Verbesselt). In 2009 Smallen 970 has filled only a few eggs. These are included in an exclusive auction along with some other direct Aelbrecht pigeons and a few special young birds selected by PIPA.