Tremmery Nestor from Westkerke-Oudenburg

Nestor TREMMERY in the years 30th

Nestor TREMMERY, he was called "Nesten" around Oudenburg, came from Menen.
In 1907 he moved to Oostende. In 1911 he moved to Oudenburg and in 1934 he settled in close by Westkerke.
TREMMERY was a contemporary of Vandevelde from Oudenburg, Gurnay from Verviers, Blondeel from Waregem, Dr. Bricoux from Jolimont, Guillaume Stassaert from Anderlecht, et al.
In 1914, when the war broke out, all Tremmery's pigeons were killed to get out of having his loft inspected by the enemy. In 1919 he started again.
In 1926 after he was no longer welcome to race in the Brugge club he sold a large number of his pigeons in Brussels for 80.000 francs; That was enough to buy 6 houses in those days !
In the winter of 1933 he got rid of his lofts in Oudenburg and in 1934 he started a loft in Westkerke where he would specialize in long distance racing.
On December 18th, 1938, in the great depression, he sold 107 pigeons in the "LION D'OR" in Brussels. Included in this sale was, among others, his famous 1931 bird "Fijnen" who was judged "Champion of Europe " in the 1938 Olympiad.


Nestor TREMMERY was only 12 years old when he got his first pigeons. He started with the then famous GITS pigeons. He became one of the best fanciers in the border district till 1907.
In 1907 he went to live in Oostende. With relocated pigeons he beat everybody around but was only allowed to fly one year. After a whole lot of trouble, he donated a lot of pigeons to the President of the Oostends Federation, after being promised that his exclusion would be short.

TREMMERY believed the promise but remained excluded only being allowed to race during the week. He went on his bike to Rumbeke, Kortemark, Meulebeke (where he once had the 12 first birds from Arras, a 100 Km. or 60 mile race), Roeselare, and other clubs.
In 1911 and the following 2 years, Tremmery averaged 160 prizes per Year.
In 1911 he got some pigeons from Vandevelde and some from Blondeel.
In 1914 was the top of the TREMMERY's carreer. That's when he won the first 12 prizes out of his 14 sent and during the same year, in another race, he clocked all 14 pigeons in 56 seconds, taking the 14 prizes with his 14 entered !
It was the pure Vandeveldes that won all the races for him.

TREMMERY, who was afraid of the enemy, went to his loft a few days after the war started, and killed all his pigeons without notifying anybody. A fortune of race and stockbirds disappeared. There were numerous fanciers willing to pay for these birds in gold.

1918 - New start
Once the war was over "Nesten" went to GURNAY from Verviers, Balclene from Walcourt and naturally to his neighbour VANDEVELDE from Oudenburg.
From Gurnay TREMMERY bought 30 pigeons. From Baclene he could choose any he wanted and on his first visit he picked up the Brother of his famous St. Vincent. And from Vandevelde, who had hidden 3 pairs in his house, he bought 8 youngsters from these breeders. Among the 9 pigeons he bought from Vandevelde (8+1) there was one extraordinary bird down from the Florent Ursel stock via Tavernier who, like Ursel was from Gistel and who was one of the best in the period 1909 to 1914.
In 1919 TREMMERY posessed all these pigeons to start again in 1920.

Between 1920 and 1925 he won an average of 150 prizes per year with 11 firsts in 1922 and 15 firsts in 1923. Because of his strong flying he was not allowed to fly in many clubs. The same happened in Brugge in 1926.

Saddened by this decision, TREMMERY sold many in the winter of 1926 for 80.000 francs
Through this sale TREMMERY got to know and became a close friend of Dr. Bricoux and brought many good pigeons home from Jolimont.
By crossing his remaining pigeons with those from Dr. Bricoux, he developed a strain of pigeons that was not surpassed in Belgium between 1929 and 1933. again he was excluded from racing in club after club and so in 1933 he again sold his pigeons in Oudenburg.

In 1934 he and his loft moved to Westkerke. From there he only flew in the long distance National and International races. He became the big star in races like Biarritz - Pau - Bordeaux - St.Vincent - Ruffec - Angoulême, etc.

Mastership without borders
TREMMERY was the "Big Man" up until 1938.
In the 1938 Olympiade one of his pigeons was crowned King of Europe.This was 3209095/31. He had a fantastic record and was sold in Brussels in 1938 along with 107 pigeons. He brought 3.000 francs.

In this last sale TREMMERY sold all his cracks, many of them for between 100 and 300 francs. There was no money among the fanciers during this depression.
On the other hand: no outside buyers were present because of the hard times.

Nestor TREMMERY did not lose his good humor because of it. When the war broke out in 1940 ti was all over for TREMMERY.
Charles Vander Espt has told us many times that TREMMERY was hampered with bad luck and set backs, but that during his whole life he fought a battle to own better pigeons than his fellow fanciers.
Most of the TREMMERY pigeons were bought by Belgians in 1938. Those who got the most profit out of them were the Willequet Bros. from Kwaremont. In the loft of the "Knok", on the top of the Kwaremont, they always declare that their best were pure TREMMERY.

The TREMMERY strain deserved a wider distribution. But TEMMERY then, like many others, was not a prophet in his ow, land.