A tremendous result for Jespers-Vanderwegen (Holsbeek, BE) in Blois: 1-2-3-... Provincial

This was perhaps a result that was bound to come, because the pigeons of the Jespers-Vanderwegen combination from Holsbeek had been in great form for a number of weeks now. They claimed quite a few top results over the past several weeks, and this provincial victory was almost inevitable. The race from Blois was in fact a major success across the board.

Johny Vanderwegen and Herman Jespers

A household name in the longer middle distance

Herman and Johny have been getting great results in the middle distance for several years now, in zonal, provincial and national races. They began their winning streak in 2014, the season in which they claimed a 1st and 3rd National La Souterraine with the yearlings. And they have continued to win dozens of top results in the following years. In 2015 for instance they took a well-deserved title of 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance young birds KBDB, and they have claimed an impressive 9 provincial wins since 2016. Their most recent top result came last weekend: the team from Holsbeek dominated the race from Blois, winning a 1st, 2nd and 3rd provincial of 3,050 yearlings. It was in fact a great race for the entire team:

Blois (448km) - 3,050 yearlings: 1-2-3-31-80-82-104-135-137-139-146-147-166-173-190-192-271-289-303-... (34/48) or an impressive 19 pigeons per 10.

The three winning hens were raced in total widowhood. And all three are closely related to the famous Kleine Dirk bloodline, paired to that other top class bloodline of De Bliksem/Rudy (Gaby Vandenabeele).

Kleine Dirk lives up to his reputation as a world class breeder!

Miss Blois, BE18-2010098 - 1st Provincial Blois (3,050 yearlings)

The provincial winner already had quite a bit of experience, judging from her list of achievements:

Blois - 1st Prov. of 3,050 pigeons
Melun - 4th of 310 pigeons
Momignies - 4th of 535 pigeons
Momignies - 5th of 524 pigeons
Etampes - 12th of 1,221 pigeons
Soissons - 15th of 1,196 pigeons
Vierzon - 999th Nat. of 11,574 pigeons

Miss Blois, the provincial winner

Miss Blois originates from the famous Kleine Dirk bloodline (Dirk Van Dijck) from her father's side, which has produced quite a few successful birds for Jespers-Vanderwegen over the years (we talked about this in detail in an earlier article). Her sire is Wounded Boy (BE12-2035710), a grandson of Kleine Dirk, winner of two first prizes in Pithiviers, a 50th National Gueret (16,988 pigeons), etc.

She is related to another prestigious bloodline from her mother's side, which appears to combine really well with the Kleine Dirk bloodline: the line of Bliksem (Gaby Vandenabeele), through his son Rudy. The dam of Miss Blois is Ruby (BE14-2170027), and she is a granddaughter of this Rudy and a sister of '718/12', winner of a 4th National Gueret (16,988 pigeons), a 1st National Zone Gueret (4,088 pigeons), a 41st National Argenton (25,949 pigeons), a 1st Ace Pigeon Cureghem Center, etc.

The complete pedigree of the winner can be found here.

Lady Blois, BE18-2010016 - 2nd Provincial Blois (3,050 yearlings)

The pigeon to cross the antenna just two seconds after the provincial winner was Lady Blois. This was the second time that she was beaten to the line by a teammate: the same happened in Melun, where she had to settle for third of 230 pigeons behind two teammates. Here are some of her best results:

Blois - 2nd Prov. of 3,050 pigeons
Etampes - 2nd of 1,221 pigeons
Melun - 3rd of 230 pigeons
Soissons - 12th of 446 pigeons
Bourges - 324th Nat. of 17,969 pigeons

Lady Blois, 2nd provincial

She too is related to Rudy from her father's side. Rudy is her grandfather through his son Remy (BE11-3070186), which is in turn a half brother of Ronaldo, the sire of Super Ricka (1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2015).

The dam is Silver Opium (BE16-2202800), bred from Golden Opium (Luc Daans), the sire of 17 first prize winners and a brother of the 4th National Ace Pigeon young birds KBDB 2009. Golden Opium was paired to Nadetta (BE13-2006488), a 1st National La Souterraine of 9,415 pigeons in 2014, and the fastest of 16,449 pigeons. And Nadetta is a granddaughter of none other than stock breeder Kleine Dirk.

Nadetta, 1st National La Souterraine 2014 and the grandmother of Lady Blois

She has a beautiful pedigree, which you can take a closer look at here.

Blue Blois, BE18-2010235 - 3rd Provincial Blois (3,050 yearlings)

The last hen in this winning trio is Blue Blois. She arrived home another two seconds later, as such completing the podium. Here is an overview of her best results:

Blois - 3rd Prov. of 3,050 pigeons
Salbris - 8th Prov. of 2,287 pigeons / 8th Brab. Union of 2,420 pigeons
Chevrainvillers - 11th of 1,147 pigeons
Momignies - 10th of 524 pigeons
Etampes - 13th of 1,221 pigeons

Blue Blois, 3rd provincial

The sire of Blue Blois is Ramos (BE16-2049333), a son of Ronaldo (a half brother of Super Romeo & New Bliksem of Vandenabeele / the sire of Super Ricka, 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2015 & Ramona (3rd Nat. La Souterraine of 9,415 pigeons). Ronaldo was paired to 500-duivin, a direct daughter of stock breeder Kleine Dirk. The 500-duivin is a fantastic breeding hen: Besides Ramona, she is also the dam of Mira (9th Nat. La Souterraine of 21,258 pigeons), the '82/10' (5th Nat. Bourges of 30,748 pigeons), and many others.

Ronaldo, a direct son of Rudy (Gaby Vandenabeele) has produced some spectacular results in the breeding loft

And there is a lot more to come still. The dam of Blue Bois is a direct daughter of Kleine Dirk x Lillia, a daughter of Figo, 1st National Bourges in 2001 for A&H Reynaert. This makes her inbred to the prestigious Kleine Dirk bloodline! Check her pedigree for an overview of her excellent origins.

This collection of super class breeders will continue to surprise us

Team Jespers-Vanderwegen has made some considerable investments over the years but these have clearly paid off in the long run. The lines of Kleine Dirk and Bliksem, along with the direct reinforcements Ronaldo (a son of the famous Rudy) and Nero (a grandson of Bliksem) appear to combine really well; they have bred numerous top quality descendants that now play an important role in the breeding and racing lofts. With such a tremendous result on their palmares, the 2019 season is already a major success for Herman & Johny. Although we reckon the two fanciers will do everything they can to try and repeat this performance in the coming weeks and months. They might as well add another national win to their palmares one day.