Total auction Pieter Veenstra: catalogue online

With the total auction of Pieter Veenstra we are approaching one of the absolute highlights of the 2011-2012 racing season for PIPA. You can click below to see the catalogue containing introductions to the best pigeons.

“Auction of the century” has often been used to announce a total auction, but by the auction of Pieter Veenstra it is enough to present you the results and the top pigeons so that you can come to this conclusion yourself.
With no less than 5 different 1st National Ace birds WHZB, 4 different Olympiad birds, many of their parents, all contained in 1 strain of pigeons, originating from the 2 main lines ‘Mr. Blue’ and ‘Dirky’, this is definitely one of the most appealing auctions ever.

To download the catalogue: Click here