Total auction (minus young birds) Jo & Florian Hendriks ends this weekend! An absolute top quality offer!

The auction which ends this weekends is the total auction (minus young birds) of one of the top lofts of The Netherlands. Jo & Florian Hendriks worked themselves up to the top of The Netherlands on the middle distance / one day long distance. An unseen series of topbreeders and topracers are offered here! Take a look to the auction by clicking 'Pigeons for sale'.

The level of results of Jo & Florian Hendriks can be illustrated by the result below on the National race of Chateauroux in 2009.
On this race the father-son combination Hendriks achieved probably one of the most impressive results ever in dutch pigeon racing by winning no less than 7 birds in the top 50 against +30.000 birds over the whole Netherlands, and this with only 22 birds in the race! A wonder performance!

Below some topbirds in auction: