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Total auction Marco Klein Falckenborg ends tomorrow!!

Tomorrow the total auction of one day long distance top loft Marco Klein Falckenborg ends. Marco has decided to auction his entire colony because he is moving house. Over the last few years the colony in Beltrum has grown to become one of the strongest small middle distance lofts in province 9 and one of the most regular small distance lofts in the Netherlands. In 2009 alone the following top prizes were won at NPO level: 4° NPO, 4° NPO, 11° NPO, 12° NPO, 14° NPO, 20° NPO, 26° NPO,… The loft of Marco Klein Falckenborg is largely based on the Eijerkamp pigeons from Zutphen. You can find the auction by clicking in the above menu on 'Pigeons for sale'