Total auction of all birds of Dirk Van Dyck † (Zandhoven, BE) – the legacy of a super champion

From Monday 9th of October till 22nd & 23rd of October 2023 the total auction of all birds of the late Dirk Van Dyck will take place. This total auction is the legacy of a super champion and will be the end of the legendary ‘Kannibaal’ dynasty.

Dirk Van Dyck pigeons changed pigeon sport for good!

The superlatives on his family of pigeons – with legendary ‘Kannibaal’ always in the center of attention - contrast vividly with Dirk Van Dyck’s humble character. Always friendly, helpful and without any fuss. “Probably ‘De Kannibaal’ made him great, as a human being however Dirk was much bigger,” was a striking quote after Dirk’s death on May 28th 2022, far too young at the age of 61. His legacy in pigeon racing might not have been that important to Dirk; undoubtedly it is noted with golden letters in the cheer history of pigeon racing!


Dirk Van Dyck Ⴕ (Zandhoven, BE)

The end of the legendary ‘Kannibaal’ dynasty

Total auction all birds – the legacy of a super champion

Start: October 9th - End: auction: October 22nd & 23rd 2023