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‘Torero’ dynasty Nico van Noordenne imposes its will on South-Holland

They didn’t need long … the diamonds from Nico van Noordenne, to show what they were worth in the prestigious NPO extreme middle distance classics. A hard regiment of yearlings outclassed the opposition in the NPO race from Tours with the super series 1st-5th-9th-10th-etc. against 10.490 pigeons.

The Nico van Noordenne loft caused a sensation in 2010 with the title 1st Nat. champion middle distance NPO. Reason for a new challenge. “I wanted to see how my pigeons did in the extreme middle distance. In order to make the best start possible, I sought the advice of the specialists Bas Verkerk and Marcel Sangers. They guided me when necessary and I did well by it.” From Vierzon (28 May) the 2nd prize was won in the district against 1.559 pigeons (20/34), but Nico found he didn’t have enough early pigeons. “I’ve worked hard over the last two weeks and last week it went excellently … the result this week is naturally the icing on the cake for any pigeon fancier!!” 

Nico sent 27 pigeons – wherefrom no less than 25 yearlings – to Tours (576 km) … before this the hens had been basketted every week but during the very tough Mantes la Jolie last week the cocks were allowed to rest. However … three hens in front, whereas during the last few races the cocks usually shone. The verdict on Tours resounded as follows: 

    Club             375 pigeons: 1st-3rd-5th-6th-9th-12nd-23rd-28th-31st-41st-55th (17/27)
    District      1.192 pigeons: 1st-3rd-5th-6th-12nd-17th-43rd-51st-60th (18/27)
    Prov. 5 East    5.663 pigeons: 1st-4th-7th-8th-70th (18/27)
    NPO           10.490 pigeons: 1st-5th-9th-10th-83rd (18/27) 

The winner of the 1st NPO Tours answers to the name ‘Amazing Surprise’ and has ring number NL10-1700776 … at a young age already winner of 3rd Mantes la Jolie 3.121 pigeons (11st Prov. 5 against 31.758 pigeons) and now good for gold. Both father and mother of ‘Amazing Surprise’ are a combination of Van Noordenne x Bosua bloodlines. Father is ‘Blauwe Belofte’, self a top racer and now classy breeder! He comes out a brother of the famous ‘Kerkduifje’ (1st National Le Mans) from Bosua with double 1st prize winner ‘Silent Tears’. Mother is ‘Surprise’, self 1st Ace bird late races district and winner 1st Peronne 1.053 pigeons out a son of  ‘Autokoppel’ Bosua x ‘Ohin’ (super daughter Van Noordenne stock couple ‘Kasai’ x ‘Kallisto’). 

With this, ‘Amazing Surprise’ is (half)sister of a nice bunch of top racers :

    'Endless Summer’         Peronne           1st-   669 pigeons   
                             Prov. Peronne     4th- 9.062 pigeons
    ‘Golden Girl 113’        Prov. Menen       1st-18.176 pigeons   
                             Pommeroeul        1st- 1.032 pigeons   
                             Prov. Pommeroeul  5th-12.579 pigeons   
                             Peronne           1st-   532 pigeons
    ‘Surprise 832’           Morlincourt       1st-   693 pigeons     

The second Nico van Noordenne pigeon and winner of 5th NPO Tours is NL10-1700885 ‘Blue Butterfly’. Bred out ‘Witpen Chen’, self 1st Ace bird and winner 1st Strombeek 1.860 pigeons out a super Koopman cock via Marcel Sangers (‘Chanel 555’) x direct Peter van de Merwe hen (‘Petra’). Mother of ‘Blue Butterfly’ is ‘Kimiko’, self a gifted racer out ‘Kasai’ x daughter of ‘Torero’ and ‘Kallisto’. 

His name has been said, ‘Torero’. The NL01-5151021 which crowned Nico van Noordenne with 1st Nat. Ace bird middle distance 2004 and which after a glorious career developed more and more into an absolute star breeder. Not surprising that his bloodlines give stature to the winner of the 5th NPO Tours …scarcely two minutes later toe yearlings, ‘Torero’s White Girl’ and ‘Torero’s White Boy’ demanded the 9th and 10th NPO Tours for themselves… both ‘rarities’ are direct children of ‘Torero’ coupled with a direct Ludo Claesens hen, ‘Witje 975’ (grandchild of super breeders ‘Blauwe van 84’ x ‘Sister 03’ and ‘Supercrack 69’ x ‘Golden White’.  

It made the long list of magnificent ‘Torero’ descendants all the more impressive …his best children are: 

    ‘Latino’               Strombeek        1st /  4.104 pigeons
                           St.Quentin       1st /  2.504 pigeons
                           Chantilly        1st /  2.310 pigeons
                               prov.       12nd / 22.571 pigeons
                           PS Maxence       1st /    814 pigeons
                           Creil            4th /  3.490 pigeons
                           Creil            4th /  2.456 pigeons
                           Meer             4th /    923 pigeons
                           Strombeek        6th /  1.111 pigeons
                           Menen            8th /  2.576 pigeons
                               prov.       37th / 26.370 pigeons
                           Peronne          9th /  4.305 pigeons
                           Creil           10th /  3.960 pigeons
    ‘Latina’               Peronne prov.    5th / 38.955 pigeons
    ‘Torres’               Co-winner 1. Nat. championship middle distance 2010
                           1st Ace bird o.b. district 2010
                           2nd Ace bird sprint 2010
                           3rd Ace bird middle distance club 2010
                           Pommeroeul       1st /  1.816 pigeons
                                            2nd /  4.204 pigeons
                           Peronne          1st /  1.013 pigeons
                                            2nd /  3.815 pigeons
                           Creil Prov.      2nd / 12.243 pigeons (after loft companion)
                           Mantes la Jolie  3rd /  2.316 pigeons     
                           Chalons          4th /  1.340 pigeons
                               prov.       26th / 14.331 pigeons
                           Peronne          5th /  4.037 pigeons
                           St.Quentin       5th /  1.965 pigeons
                           St.Quentin       8th /  2.124 pigeons
                           Menen prov.     14th / 18.176 pigeons
                           Peronne prov.   46th / 38.775 pigeons
     ‘Alonso’              1st Ace bird middle distance district 2007
                           2nd prov. Ace bird 2007
                           15th Nat. Ace bird middle distance 2007
                           Creil prov.       1st / 13.852 pigeons
                           Peronne           6th /  1.266 pigeons
                              prov.        11st / 12.164 pigeons
                           Ablis            10th /  4.144 pigeons
     ‘Pedrosa’            1st Ace bird middle distance 2008
                          2nd Ace bird sprint district 2009
                          20th Nat. Ace bird middle distance 2008
                          Strombeek         1st /    994 pigeons
                          Chalons           5th /  2.557 pigeons
                          Peronne           6th /  1.374 pigeons
                              prov.        10th / 11.044 pigeons
                          Ablis             6th /    635 pigeons
                          Creil             8th /  3.490 pigeons
                          Peronne           8th /  2.146 pigeons
                          Strombeek         8th /    979 pigeons
                          Epernay           9th /  3.432 pigeons
                          Creil            10th /  2.272 pigeons
    ‘Kiko’                2nd Ace bird middle distance 2008
                          Menen             1st /  2.576 pigeons
                              prov.         3rd / 26.370 pigeons
                          Creil             2nd /  2.272 pigeons
                              prov.        11st / 24.600 pigeons
                          Peronne           9th /  1.843 pigeons
                          Strombeek         9th /  1.631 pigeons
                          Meer              9th /    927 pigeons
                          Pommeroeul       10th /  4.204 pigeons
                          St.Quentin       10th /  1.965 pigeons
    ‘Torero’s White Girl’ NPO Tours         9th / 10.490 pigeons
    ‘Torero’s White Boy’  NPO Tours        10th / 10.490 pigeons 

Twelve races, six times the first prize in the club (one of the largest in province 5) – then a season can definitely be labelled successful. On the 6th of June Nico experienced great pleasure during the very tough middle distance race from Mantes la Jolie (383 km). “My favourites ‘No Limit’ and ‘Torres’ won 1st and 3rd prize in the district against 2.316 pigeons. ‘No Limit’ had no less than a five minute lead on the rest of the district and provincially in East he even mangaed to win the 2nd prize against 12.101 pigeons … with a very unfavourable wind! From the entire province he had the 4th against 23.879 pigeons. It was the only pigoen in the top 10 on the east side; a really marvellous performance!” 

A noteworthy duo, ‘No Limit’ and ‘Torres’, as last year they also came over the line together to win 1st and 2nd provincial Creil against 12.243 pigeons. ‘No Limit’ comes out ‘Chanel 555’ (Marcel Sangers, out son ‘Kleine Dirk’ x ‘Daughter Golden Lady’) paired with 'Chica', super sister of 'Torero'. His superb track record now reads: 

    1st prov. Creil        12.243 pigeons
    1st Mantes la Jolie     2.316 pigeons (also 2nd against 12.101 pigeons)
    1st Creil               1.014 pigeons (also 2nd against 2.271 pigeons)
    1st Strombeek             963 pigeons (also 4th against 4.085 pigeons)
    9th prov. Moeskroen    18.176 pigeons 

‘Torres’ is a super son of ‘Torero’ x ‘Tante Muggie’ (Kees Bosua) … his honours list dsplays the following impressive figures. 

    1st Ace bird total o.b. district S-H East 2010
    1st Pommeroeul          1.816 pigeons (also 2nd against 4.204 pigeons)
    2nd prov. Creil        12.243 pigeons
    3rd Mantes la Jolie     2.316 pigeons
    4th Chalons             1.340 pigeons
    5th Peronne             4.037 pigeons
    5th St. Quentin         1.965 pigeons
    8th St. Quentin         2.124 pigeons