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Top reference from Colombia: 1st Nat. FCC, with E. Meirlaen x C. Hebberecht hen.

Interestingly, all four grandparents to the winner were bought in auction on PIPA. A new top reference for everybody that was involved! 

It is always a pleasure when you hear from fanciers that they are successful with your pigeons. Not only for the selling fancier, but also for PIPA as an auction platform. When the references pour in of fanciers that have won with descendants from pigeons bought in PIPA auctions, this confirms the quality that is on offer. Quality guarantees success in pigeon sport. An references like these are the ultimate reward!

The testimony of Ricardo Hardy from Colombia says enough. Overjoyed and thankful. His friend Juan Sepulveda was victorious on the National Derby in Colombia, winning 1st National Final Colombodromo Colombia, a race across 580km from Bosconia to Bogotá. The conditions were tough. The pigeons were released at sea level and had to find their way home through mountains of 3000m altitude. Their destination lies at a height of 2,680 meter above sea level. 

Juan Sepulveda bred his winnner from 2 pigeons from Ricardo Hardy. The four grandparents to the winnner, the hen Helena, were all purchased in a PIPA auction. Three of which are from Etienne Merlaen, and one hen from Chris Hebberecht. The pigeons bought were:

-BE17-4214394: cock from Son Monar BE11-4312916 (Monar won 1st Internat. Narbonne 12,605 p. in 2011) x Daughter Cor-As BE14-4285384 (from Cor-As: winner 2nd Nat. Pau behind loft mate Marco, 52nd Nat. Pau, 72th Nat. St.Vincent…). Direct Etienne Meirlaen.

-BE17-4214232: hen from Nestbroer Superbreeder BE11-4312213 (from Monar x Daughter Marathonlady) paired to 5-Stars BE10-4284501 (granddaughter super breeder 612 Brother Marseille: father to Fenomeen enz…). Direct Etienne Meirlaen.

-BE12-4286771: inbred cock from supercrack and top breeder ‘Old 7 Barca’ BE03-4364240 (winner 7 x Barcelona with amongst others 68th and 84th Nat. Barcelona) x his own daughter. Direct Etienne Meirlaen.

-BE17-4243760: a half sister to Barcelonacrack ‘Leeuw’: 3rd Barcelona Masters 2016, 5th Golden Wing competition BBC 2016, 26th Nat. & 67th. Internat. Barcelona, 53th Nat. Brive… and daughter to Black Euro DV06720-10-111 (son Euro Diamond of Dr H.P. Brockamp) x Daughter Champion BE13-4270505. Direct Chris Hebberecht.

Congratulations to Ricardo Hardy and friend Juan Sepulveda on this wonderful victory!