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Tom van Gaver (BE) 38,900 EURO for 9 youngsters, Xue Yuqin (Hollywood) 3,261 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday 18 October: Sorin Florea (RO), Derek Rooney (UK), Carlo Gyselbrecht (BE), Tom Van Gaver (BE), Marcin Kapinos (PL), Franz-Josef Irmer (DE) & Xue Yuqin ( Hollywood) (CN).

Sorin Florea (RO) - 17 pigeons - 1,603 EURO / pigeon
The Romanian icon Florea Sorin owns a great colony of pigeons. In recent years he managed to acquire children from Armando, Harry, Rudy, Golden Prince and many others. In addition, he is still in the possession of Mix's parents. Mix was the winner of the SAMDR in 2018. Today an auction of youngsters from his best breeders was planned and it went very well for the Romanian. He achieved his highest average on PIPA so far and the auction brought 27,250 EURO in total. The most expensive in his auction was Armando Harry 871, a checker cock and grandchild of both Armando and Harry. For 3,800 EURO he exchanges Romania for Taiwan. The other pigeons move to: Taiwan (5), Belgium (2), China (2), Qatar (2), Great Britain (1), the Netherlands (1), Romania (1), Turkey (1) and the United States (1).

Derek Rooney (UK) - 12 pigeons - 1,583 EURO / pigeon
Derek offered youngsters from his great colony in a fantastic auction on PIPA. From the best children of Harry that Derek Rooney cherishes, but also from children of Gino Clicque's Golden Prince and from Golden Girl of Clicque, breeder of 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB First Lady and top breeder in the lofts of Derek Rooney. It was a nice average of no less than 1,583 EURO / pigeon. The most expensive was a grandson of three icons sold. Namely; Armando, Mother First Lady and Harry. This was sold at 2,100 EURO. The buyers in this auction come from: Taiwan (5), Belgium (2), Malta (2), United States (2) and Mexico (1).

Carlo Gyselbrecht (BE) - 19 pigeons - 2,005 EURO / pigeon
In 2019 alone, Carlo Gyselbrecht pigeons already won or bred three National winners. Partly for this reason, many eyes were focused on the group of pigeons that were made available by Carlo. Especially many eyes were on a son of Nathan Junior coupled to an inbred daughter of Silke. No less than 6,200 EURO was paid for this young checker cock. The buyer from Belgium can rub his hands with the purchase of this marathon diamond. The other pigeons did more than well and in total the pigeons brought in 38,100 EURO. Never before has so much been paid for a group of youngsters from Carlo Gyselbrecht. The buyers of the pigeons come from the following countries: Taiwan (4), Belgium (3), the Netherlands (3), France (2), United States (2), Germany (1), Spain (1), Hungary (1 ), Japan (1) and Luxembourg (1).

Tom Van Gaver (BE) - 9 pigeons - 4,322 EURO / pigeon
Tom's recipe is now known by everyone: weekly with the same pigeons and this at all distances up to 750 km. The heart of the colony is based on the 2 icons FINN and RICKY. Today Tom brought something very special. In BIS he sold for the last time a young pigeon from FINN x Always There. This offer did not go unnoticed and the price eventually became 6,000 EURO. A full sister Tetske did even better, she excelled to 8,000 EURO and moved to Germany. For Tom it became a record average, he has never reached such a high average in recent years. Today's interested parties come from the following countries: Germany (4), China (3), Belgium (1) and Poland (1).

Marcin Kapinos (PL) - 36 pigeons - 1,403 EURO / pigeon
Hidden treasures in the pigeon sport can sometimes be found in different corners of the world… like in Poland with Marcin Kapinos. After almost two weeks on PIPA, it was the final of his auction today. It yielded a total of 50,500 EURO with the most expensive pigeon being a child from Bolt's brother paired to a daughter of Gilbert. For this pigeon 3,600 EURO was paid by a buyer from the Netherlands. The remaining 35 buyers come from the following countries: Taiwan (9), China (4), Sweden (4), United States (4), Poland (3), South Africa (3), Belgium (2), Great Britain ( 2), the Netherlands (2), Spain (1), Pakistan (1) and Turkey (1).

Franz-Josef Irmer (DE) - 10 pigeons - 2,100 EURO / pigeon
Franz-Josef started his auction spectacularly with a child of OLR winner Victor paired with a full brother of Wacky Freddy. The blue band hen was sold for 5,800 EURO and does not have to travel far. She will stay in Germany. Furthermore, Franz-Josef offered much more quality as we are used to from him. Among others, double grandchildren of Birdy and youngsters from the best van den Bulck lines. Interest in the pigeons today came from the following countries: Taiwan (3), China (2), Germany (2), Austria (1), Poland (1) and Qatar (1).

Xue Yuqin (Hollywood) - 9 pigeons - 3,261 EURO / pigeon
The headpiece of the Xue Yuqin auction was the wonder hen Angel van Bellaert, winner of 1st Nat. Chateauroux and fastest 47,286 p. The auction was also filled with youngsters from great pigeons, such as New Rudi, 1st Nat. Brive 5,925 p. and fastest of 11,881 p. at Frederik Everaert. It was already decided in advance what would be the most wanted pigeon in the auction, so it was no surprise that we were to need the extra time with the National Winner Angel. Finally, 25 minutes after the original closing time, the pigeon was sold for an amount of 16,200 EURO to Taiwan. The other pigeons have been sold to: Belgium (4), Germany (1), Japan (1), Taiwan (1), United States (1) and South Africa (1).