Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE) achieved once again a brilliant job in 2020!

Marnik & Tom peuvent se montrer satisfaits de leur saison.
This combination based in Moortsele showed what they were made of in 2020 with a brand new national victory to their name as well as several national ace birds KBDB. In addition, the last national race of the calendar offered an incredible reference...

A super 'corona season' ...

The corona virus disturbed the plans of any pigeon fancier eager to race his pigeons and this from the simple sprint racer to the most professional fancier. When the french borders opened, everybody was more or less at the same level: there have been as many different preparations as there are pigeon fanciers and at the time, no one was already right regarding the 'pre covid management' of its loft, the situation being at this point quite exceptional. But as always, it is clear that some lofts did better than the rest. At the end, it appeared that the father and son combination from Moortsele was among the good ones. Tom & Marnik are on a winning march since a few years and nothing seems to be able to stop their progress, not even an international pandemic situation. The combination is one of the most successful lofts from the national scene over the last few years and the 2020 racing season only confirms our statement. The KBDB has recently published the results of its championships and the balance was quite good for them: 

2. National Champion Long Distance KBDB 

Before moving on with an impressive collection of KBDB national ace birds:

  5. National Ace Great Middle Distance youngsters KBDB (Dark Ace)
  5. National Ace All-Round youngsters KBDB (AllRound Finn)
  8. National Ace Long Distance old birds KBDB (Blue Finn)
10. National Ace All-Round youngsters KBDB (Adriana)
11. National Ace Great Middle Distance old birds KBDB (Adrien)
11. National Ace All-Round olds & yearlings KBDB (Little Ricky)
18. National Ace All-Round olds & yearlings KBDB (Dark Ricky)
19. National Ace All-Round olds & yearlings KBDB (Pollidor)

In this report, we are going to introduce one by one the pigeons that were responsible to turn this corona season into a successful one! With this impressive list of KBDB ace birds, we almost forget that Tom & Marnik won this year the third national victory of their career thanks to 'Tetske'!

- 'Tetske' (BE19-4207135)

The 15th of august, Tom & Marnik won a national victory on Brive against 4.238 yearlings thanks to 'Tetske' who flew at the same time the highest speed from 7.993 pigeons. This little blue hen was not showing her worth for the first time as she won no less than two provincial victories last year as a young hen! After a provincial doubble, many fanciers would have decided to stop racing such a pigeon but the Van Gaver's like to do it their way....

1. Orléans provincial 6.154 p.
1. Blois provincial 5.208 p.
1. Brive national 4.238 p. (Highest speed from 7.993 pigeons)

- 'Little Ricky' (BE18-4070849)

This 'Little Ricky' is the ultimate proof of the philosophy developed by Tom & Marnik Van Gaver. Just like 'Tetske' after her first big wins, he has been kept into the racing team just after he was awarded as 2. National Ace All-Round KBDB in 2019. Despite the interest in this pigeon or simply with the risk to keep such a pigeon into the racing loft, 'Little Ricky' was raced in 2020 and he flew just like if nothing happened. At the end of the season he won a second ranking in a row into the KBDB championships with the 11. National Ace All-Round KBDB, which says a lot about the worth of this pigeon. A brief summary of his best performances:

  1. Best pigeon from Belgium with 4 prizes in the long distance 2019 (PIPA Ranking)
  1. Bourges I nat zone 4.227 p. 2019
     1. Provincial 4.184 p.
     5. National 17.975 p.
  8. Tulle nat 7.155 p. 2019
24. Souillac nat 6.668 p. 2020
43. Libourne nat 4.356 p. 2019
66. Aurillac nat 3.584 p. 2019
79. Limoges II nat 10.319 p. 2020
86. Argenton II nat 22.826 p. 2019

So, no less than 7x top 100 national at the age of 2... quite a great feat...

- 'Blue Finn' (BE17-4077398)

At the age of only 3 years old, this pigeon has achieved quite some exceptional things, both as a racer and a breeder. He won in 2020 the 8. National Ace Long Distance KBDB with as well the title of 1. Best pigeon from Belgium with 7 prizes in the long distance races (PIPA Ranking). But what has impressed us the most is the fact that he is already father of two pigeons ranked in the national championships of the KBDB while he is a part of the racing team, which is something quite remarkable and almost unique!

- 'Adrien' (BE18-4070821)

It's a direct son of 'Blue Finn' that was bred while this one was still a yearling. In 2019, he already won the 15. Argenton national against 22.826 yearlings but he really exploded in 2020 with the 11. National Ace Great Middle Distance old birds KBDB thanks to the following results:

  1. Issoudun nat zone 2.860 p. (highest speed from 7.487 pigeons)
  5. Bourges national 5.294 p.
20. Guéret nat zone 2.123 p.
27. La Souterraine nat zone 2.433 p.

- 'Adriana' (BE20-4037301)

This young hen has been ranked as 10. National Ace All-Round youngsters KBDB. Just like 'Adrien', she is a daughter of ''Blue Finn'' (see above) when paired to the ''441/16'', a hen from Adrien Mirabelle (Ghlin) with who several birds are frequently exchanged allowing both friends to discover some new gifted pigeons. The ''441/16'' was bred out of a son of the Chipo x ''Blue Haze'', an excellent breeding hen bred from the same line than almost all the national ace birds KBDB from Mirabelle. Once again, ace birds are bred from ace birds...

The performances list of 'Adriana':

3. Sermaise Iprov 883 p.
4. Sermaise Iprov 1.339 p.
5. Vierzon prov 6.566 p.
108. Châteauroux II nat zone 7.117 p.

The 2020 generation seems to walk into the footsteps of their ancestors... anyway, it is what comes to our mind when we noticed that two other pigeons born in 2020, 'Dark Ace' & 'AllRound Finn', were successfully ranked as well in the national championships of the KBDB. Let's start the introduction with 'Dark Ace'...

- 'Dark Ace' (BE20-4014353)

This dark chequered cock won the 5. National Ace Great Middle Distance youngsters KBDB and he comes directly from Davy Neyrinck, the brother-in-law of Tom who has been very successful with the Van Gaver birds. His main results:

  1. Châteauroux III nat zone 4.485 p.
      1. Provincial 3.525 p.
    51. National 15.322 p.
29. Argenton nat zone 7.245 p.
51. Bourges nat zone 6.626 p.

- 'AllRound Finn' (BE20-4037342)

This chequered cock ranked himself as 5. National Ace All-Round youngsters KBDB and it is a full brother of 'Finn', one of the two most important pigeons from this loft next to 'Ricky'. With this ranking, he shows to the world he is ready to repeat the performances of his older brother. His main results:

     8. Noyon reg 2.692 p.
  53. Châteauroux III nat zone 4.458 p.
  90. Orléans prov 17.686 p.

119. Bourges nat zone 6.626 p.
213. Vierzon prov 6.378 p.
249. Châteauroux II nat zone 7.117 p.

A wonderful reference ...

This same 'Finn' breeding line is also to be found in the first place of one of the most prestigious titles that has been disputed in 2020. Indeed, Philip De Maeseneer, an excellent friend of Tom, had the chance to win this year the title of 1. National Ace Great Middle Distance youngsters KBDB thanks to 'Finnman', a pigeon that won some exceptional prizes in only a few weeks time:

1. Argenton prov 5.902 p.
   60. National 23.280 p.
1. Sermaises Iprov 1.596 p.
4. Châteauroux III prov 3.525 p.
   108. National 15.322 p.
5. Sermaises Iprov 1.977 p.
25. Bourges prov 6.538 p.

The mother of 'Finnman', direct daughter of 'Finn' from Tom & Marnik Van Gaver

With a clear racing philosophy in combination with great material both in the racing loft and in the breeding loft and a great confidence given by such a performance list, Tom & Marnik kept moving forward in 2020. We all agree that this loft is built to last. Tom is still a young stud and has all the time ahead to keep on doing better...