Today part 1 of Verreckt Ariën Total Auction ends!

This weekend there are ending 4 auctions. Yesterday was the final day for the December Auction, Jos Thone Collection by John Hanson and December Jewels of the Sky Auction II. Today is the final day for the 1st part of the Verreckt-Ariën Total Auction. Below a short intro on every auction.

Jewels of the Sky - December II
Pipa presents Jewels of the Sky 2011-2012 - The 360°edition … the 7th edition of the most prestigious pigeon auction in the world in which the top of the global pigeon world offer extra classy pigeons … from October to January, two auctions every month in which super breeders, racers and youngsters are sold … and every year all records are broken! In this auction you can find pigeons from Eijerkamp, Mark Gilbert, SG Jung Jupid, Marcel Sangers, Lex Udo, Gaston van de Wouwer and Jef van Winkel.

December Auction
A super collection of pigeons offered in this unique December auction. Including a super group of winners and top breeders by Herman Dijkstra, fabulous long distance aces of Desbuquois brothers, a top breeding full brother to ‘Doran’ (Koopman), 1st NPO winner of Jan Keen, 5x 1st prize winner ‘Ineke’ of Koops & 12x 1st prize winner ‘Het Kanon’ of Regtop, the parents of UK’s top ace ‘The Machine’ and top breeder ‘Everybody’s Favourite’ of PEC … in short; a sublime auction.

Jos Thoné Collection by John Hanson
In this auction, 15 excellent pigeons are offered from 'Sedna 1', 'Artificial Jutta', 'Nadira' and all the other breeding gold that John Hanson bought on the total auction of Jos Thoné in 2010. Very exclusive are the 3 children from 'Nadira' and the 4 children of 'Sedna': These are the only direct children from these top pigeons that will be for sale in 2011. So, really collectors items, only on PIPA.

Verreckt-Ariën Total Auction Part 1
Verreckt-Ariën has 40 x 1° Provincial on its honours list and 3 x 1° National victories within a period of just 8 racing seasons! But the remarkable thing here is that almost all of these provincial victories were achieved by descendants of the wondrous stock couple, the ‘Golden pair’ Verreckt-Ariën, formed by the ‘Dikke Lowet’ BE97-6499247 x ‘Lang Lowet’ BE97-6499255. Never before has one pair dominated pigeon sport as much in such short period as the 'Golden Pair' of Verreckt-Ariën. This is a total auction which takes place in 2 parts. Only a few young birds 2011 are kept.