Today following auctions end: Jewels of the Sky December + 41 youngsters from Pieter Veenstra!

Today 2 absolute top quality auctions end. The first is the Jewels of the Sky December in which a few top fanciers have up to 10 pigeons on offer. A combination of great performance pigeons and a few youngsters from their best breeders. The participants in this first December edition are Gino Clicque, Norbert Ally, Marcel Sangers, Vredeveld-Leemhuis, Nico van Noordenne and P&J Roziers.

In addition. Pieter Veenstra offers 41 youngsters out exclusive couples for sale, put together specially for PiPa. This auction also ends today. After his umpteenth super season, a few couples were formed in the summer of 2010 by Pieter Veenstra, in consultation with PiPa. There was only 1 intention, and that was to create as many couples as possible whereby SUPER X SUPER could be coupled. We are proud of the fact that we have a unique group of 41 youngsters from the best extreme middle distance racer in the Netherlands. These youngsters were consecutively ringed from 000 to 041.

Here below a few of the pigeons on offer: