Three auctions end this weekend: Norbert Ally & Thibaut-Boons (both total auctions minus yb 2012) and 18 yb Marijke Vink (with DNA!)

This weekend 3 auctions are ending at PIPA: total auction Norbert Ally (minus yb 2012), total auction Thibaut-Boons (minus yb 2012) and a round of young birds of Marijke Vink (with DNA). Below an intro on every auction.

Norbert Ally (BE): total auction (minus yb 2012)
The West-Flemish Norbert Ally has been one of the great champions in Belgium for quite some time. Norbert Ally is a veterinary and he is assisted by his son Stefan for administrative matters and for basketing the pigeons. The highlight of his career was the 1st National general championship Belgium in 2010. In that same season he also had a sensational result in the national from Souillac, winning a 1st, 2nd and 4th prize. In the national Souillac 2012 he had a great result as well, with a 2nd and 6th National. The Ally loft is based around the renowned Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons. All his top birds from the breeding and racing loft will be auctioned in what is to be a great auction.

Thibaut-Boons (BE): total auction (minus yb 2012)
This is one of the best middle distance lofts of Wallonia in recent years. At provincial and national level his pigeons (both young birds and old birds) are difficult to beat. This resulted in a long list of achievements with provincial and even national ace pigeons. His big stars are Nels, an Olympiad pigeon Poznan middle distance and Rihanna, Olympiad pigeon in Nitra 2013, which both stem from a family of prize winners over many generations. All the old birds, about 90, will be offered for sale in this top auction. In the loft of Thibaut-Boons it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality.

Marijke Vink (NL): 18 yb of the breeders (with DNA!)
The wonder woman of The Netherlands had some great successes thanks to Aladin and top couple Tips x Geschelpt Kannibaaltje. The excellent descendants of Farah Diba (1st Nat. ace pigeon WENC), Reza (best middle distance pigeon), Drum (prize winner and top class breeder) have turned Marijke Vink from Mookhoek into a very successful fancier. After a total auction the goal was to reach the same level with the descendants of her previous top birds. She reached her goal and her racing team wins top prizes almost every weekend. In this auction Marijke offers about twenty young birds from her best racers and breeders. These pigeons are a guaranteed success.