Third national victory for the belgian long distance superstar Luc De Roeck (Manage, BE)!

We were asking ourselves how would the season 2016 be for the cannibal from Manage, it is now know. With his national victory won this weekend from Limoges, De Roeck won the third national victory of his career, enough to consider him as one of the golden names of the Belgian pigeon sport!

From left to right, a fellow helper, Martine & Luc De Roeck.

In the Belgian pigeon sport, Luc De Roeck is quite a phenomenon. He has won everything in his career and he is always there when he is expected. He proved it once again this weekend by winning his third national victory since 2008, always in a long distance national classic. However, the race from Limoges wasn't an easy one. When they came back to Belgium, the 13,513 pigeons basketed for Limoges faced a storm front that prevented most of the pigeons to come back home. In several basketing clubs, the race was only finished the next day. The winner of De Roeck, a late bred born in 2013 but ringed with a 2012 ring, arrived in Manage before 16 o'clock and was officially clocked at 15h51''28 after a flying trip of 597 kilometres, good for an average speed of 1.191 m/min. He beat the pigeon of Quintens from Lummen (1.180 m/min) and the pigeon from the Dobbelaere-Debuck partnership from Oedelem (1.177 m/min). Afterwards, De Roeck clocked another pigeon at 16h11 and he will probably win the 13th national following the first prognosis. Is there any better way to start the 2016 season? Let's meet the national winner:

- The Limoges' (BE12-9106278)

2.   Brive regional   -   425 p. '15
     13. Nat Zone     - 4,224 p.
     20. National     - 8,674 p.
6.   Lorris regional  -   310 p. '14
7.   Gien regional    -   799 p. '14
13.  Villemandeur reg - 1,837 p. '15
16.  Toury regional   -   425 p. '15
42.  Tulle regional   -   411 p. '15
     592. Nat Zone    - 3,206 p.
59.  Bourges Iprov    - 2,218 p. '14
93.  Vierzon Iprov    - 1,775 p. '16
659. Montélimar nat   - 3,624 p. '15
687. Limoges I Iprov  - 3,520 p. '15

Father: The 815 (BE09-9106278), star of the loft with a.o. 3rd National Ace Long Distance KBDB '14, 4th national Montélimar 6,718 p. '12, 2nd national zone Châteauroux 4,690 p. '10 (15th national 22,718 p.), 7th national zone Bourges 6,289 p. '12, 7th national zone Limoges 5,228 p. '14, ....
Mother: 818/09' (BE09-9040818), daughter of the fantastic Bleu Plomb', an incredible racer with a.o. 1st national zone Aurillac before he became a top breeder (father of a.o. 1st national zone Châteauroux) x coupled with a niece of the 1st national Montélimar '08.

To start the national season directly with a national victory: Luc couldn't have hoped for a better start! Moreover, his favourite races are coming soon... We are impatient to see what will be the next trick he will release... Congratulations Luc!