“Thailand Grand Pigeon Race 2009.

On the eve of our departure to Bangkok, the City of Angels (Thai: Krung Thep), Thailand's capital, located on the east bank of the Menam (Chao Phraya River), near the Gulf of Thailand, we make an update on the preparation of flights of the "Thailand Grand Pigeon Race 2009”.


This prestigious oneloft race is held together with Pipa and has an international cast of fairly high level.

An impressive loft provides accommodation for a cosmopolitan pigeons population under the medical supervision of Henk Deweerd (Belgica De Weerd).

The organizing team of renowned Thai fanciers including Sornthep and Terapol Technavichian, both friend of the family in various Belgian and Dutch topcolonies, guarantee a perfect organization

After a number of different training sessions , three hotspots flights were finished.

A small overview:
Hotspot 1 (30/10-230 km) took place under perfect weather conditions. 986 pigeons were released, 920 arrived home.
The first bird took a speed of 1364m / m. The Belgian contribution was nice with places of honor for Jos Vercammen (3rd)-Verbesselt Racing Team (4th)-8th Team Pipa; Moris F& H (20th) en Alfons Peeters (30th)

Hotspot 2 (13/11-320km). The pigeons were released under severe weather conditions (fog, rain and heat). A disaster scenario was registered. Of the 841 participating pigeons there were 263 lost. The Thai formation Phillip Vudthivarathorn was winner.  At the head of the race event Deno-Herbots brothers (7th) and Jos Thone (30th) upheld the Belgian honour.

Hotspot 3 - (-595 pigeons-23.11- nice weather with cool northeasterly wind). The game had a normal course with the winner Dr. Yukol Limlamthong. The Belgian performance was pretty good: 16th Loft 24; 18th Pipa Team, 20th Philip & Norbert Norman; 22nd Veulemans-Ceulemans, -23rd Van Gils Frans

Pipa team upholds Belgian honour.
Based on the three flights an interim arrangement "ace pigeons" was prepared. Currently Ngaun Rayong leads the ranking. The Pipa- team takes the 11th place.

On December 11 the finals is contested from Chiang Mai(560 km).
The "Rose of the North" is the nickname of the largest city in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. The city is popular with both domestic and foreign tourists.
The biggest attraction of Chiang Mai is the night market, between the east side of the old town and the Ping River. Here everything is sold at low prices. Chiang Mai is popular, because the city itself has much more to offer than Chiang Rai. In just the inner city are more than one hundred temples to see and they are nearly all worth.

521 birds will decide among themselves who will win the edition 2009 Thailand Grand Pigeon Race.

The Belgians are still taking part :
Loft 24 (4); Belgium Friends (1);-Gommaire Verbruggen (5);-Deno-Herbots (6);-Veulemans –Ceulemans (2);-Andre Verhaeghe (2);-Marc Pollin (2); Norman Norbert & Filip (6);-Verbesselt Racing Team (5);-Team Freddy De Jaegher (4);-Dirk Vandijck (3-);-Kris Cleirbaut (3); Van Gils Frans (3); Alfons Peeters (1); Moris F&H (3); Pipa Team (3);-Chris Hebberecht (4); Jos Thoné (2).

A final question remains still open "Whoever follows Chris Hebberecht , the winner in 2008?