Testimonial Kurt Platteeuw

After the PIPA Sale of the Year, with "New General" the 2nd most expensive pigeon auctioned online ever ! Kurt Platteeuw gives special thanks...

Dear PIPA team,

Phenomenal.... That is the appropriate word for this auction.
In perhaps one of the most difficult moments in history, where the whole world is suffering, organising a pigeon auction is unseen. This auction has been worked on for a year. After much thought and deliberation it was decided to go ahead.
The corona virus has dominated the world in a few months. In times of fear and uncertainty, where everyone is afraid, together we have managed to show that there is still an incredible future in our sport. The pigeons have been sold to 23 different countries. The interest was huge. For us, it is also very important that most pigeons have gone to absolute top lofts worldwide. More we could not dream of.

It was a very exciting auction. There was a pigeon for everyone’s budget, for which we are also very satisfied.
The success of “New General” is something unique, we can be proud of that. “New General” himself is top class, but to be the 2nd most expensive online pigeon of all time is something very special.
The last few years have seen racing from another planet for us, so it's also fantastic to sell these champions in such a way worldwide.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed directly or indirectly to this auction. I especially want to thank my team... my Dad, Andre, Roland, Jayne and Cindy ... my family and the entire PIPA team for the beautiful catalogue and this auction.
We would also like to thank all bidders and buyers for their trust. We are immensely grateful that all our champions will have a bright future, and a wonderful breeding career. They've earned this, after such a sporting performance. New champions can now be born anywhere in the world.

The buyers can always contact me. I am happy to visit my champions – my friends – again.
It seems a lifetime ago since the racing season in 2019 – winning 3 x 1st Nationals and many top National prizes and Ace Pigeon awards. I am sure we all look forward to a time when we can once again be watching our pigeons return home from racing.

Until then, stay safe, best wishes, and thank you.

Kurt Platteeuw