Team Thoné says farewell to super class racing team X.&M. with 7 absolute stars

Jos Thoné, the grandmaster from As, had decided to sell his entire racing team of X. & M. The name will still be used, as a guest loft for a few friends, and for a team of unflown young birds for the long distance.

We all know that Jos Thoné is a fancier with a strong international reputation. He developed a fantastic career in the Kruisstraat in As, winning several prestigious championship titles along the way:

  • 4x World Champion
  • 6x Golden Pigeon
  • 5x Olympiad Pigeon
  • 7x 1 National victory
  • 2x 1 International victory
  • 1x National Champion KBDB
  • 12x 1 National Champion BDS
  • 14x 1 National Champion LCB
  • 1x National Champion KBDB long distance

Since his successful start in 1991, he has been racing at the highest level season after season. And Thoné has all the characteristics of a great star: he is exceptionally skilled both in the racing and breeding loft, he has the intelligence of a great champion and he has always had the ambition to be the best, which is quite important too.

Brief history

After the passing of his father-in-law Thomas Peeters, another big name in pigeon racing, the Peeters pigeon family was transferred to the Kruisstraat, or in fact to the other side of the street, where Jos lives.

Xavier and Maxim pose in front of a picture of their grandfather Thomas Peeters.

And there has been a bit of coincidence as well. FCI chairman Carlos Marquez Pratz was on his annual visit to his good friend Jos Thoné, and the two fanciers had agreed to use the old lofts of Thomas Peeters as a guest loft for Barcelona, under the name of Marquez-Pratz-Thoné. But disaster struck in the end of December 2010: the FCI Chairman unexpectedly passed away in his beloved city of Barcelona.
The lofts were renamed to X.&M., after Jos's two sons: Xavier and Maxim Thoné. They invited some guest caretakers from Japan and Taiwan, while father and mother Gerard and Tilly helped look after the lofts until Marcel Vierendeels and his wife Margot moved to As as fulltime caretakers. And it has to be said: Marcel, who has been actively involved in pigeon racing for many years, did what they expected from him. Jos: "Marcel did a really good job, he even won a 1st National Tulle in 2016. But in the 2020 season he told us he wanted to dedicate his time to looking after wife, so he decided to move to Zonhoven. I fully understand his decision."

Thoné Pigeons consists of two lofts: Jos Thoné and Thoné X.&M., which are located opposite each other, at either side of the Kruisstraat in As. And these are clearly the lofts of a top class player: a modern approach, nothing but top class bloodlines and plenty of craftsmanship, of which many other fanciers have been reaping the rewards.

The Thoné X.&M. lofts in As.

Racing birds

When Marcel left, Jos agreed with his team to make an unexpected and bold move: they would get rid of all racing birds of X.&M. All of their best racing birds + a few (late) youngsters of those racing birds of Maxim and Xavier Thoné will be auctioned off from Monday 4th until Sunday 17th of January 2021, including Sergio, 1st Nat. Zone Issoudun, and provincial winners Aldina, Victor and Super Joe. Also sold in auction are 1. Prov. Ace Pigeon Bill, 1. Prov. Ace Pigeon & 11. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance Romea 403 and Candira (11 x first).



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We would not be surprised if Jos Thoné on one side of the Kruisstraat in As, and X.&M. on the other side, continued to deliver in the next several years. For them, 2020 will go down in history as a fantastic racing season, with 4 provincial and 9 zonal national victories, and an impressive 141 victories from sprint to marathon. It goes without saying that many of the pigeons included in this X.&M. auction have played an important role in this successful season. And Jos Thoné has opted to sell these pigeons through PIPA. The grandmaster from As has repeatedly shown that he is always thinking one step ahead of his opponents. It will be up to his sons Xavier and Maxim to try and follow in the footsteps of their famous father.