Team Soepboer wins Final Race Derby Arona Tenerife 2020

On Sunday 5th of July, it was time for the long awaited final race of the Derby Arona Tenerife. We're proud to present you the winners and first pigeons of the 2020 edition!

The pigeons were released at 08.00 h for a 280 km trip back to the island. In hot and windy conditions (NNE-wind) and 26 degrees, the pigeons had to manage to get home. First pigeon to arrive was 'Mells' NL-1777068. So the final race was won by the owners of this champion: Team Soepboer from The Netherlands!

Top 10 Derby Arona Finale Race 2020 (Click on the picture to enlarge it)

They win the 120.000 euro prize money with Mells. Undoubtedly a day the team will never forget!

Mells NL19-1777068
Team Soepboer

Second place

Second place was won by 'Kagava', A-319-189  the pigeon of Team Kutlesa  from Austria.


Third place

The third place goes to Lorenzo Van Russel (the Netherlands). His pigeon 'Trevo', NL-1669845 really made his day...

The wing of Trevo