Team Platteeuw achieves unique result on National Argenton!

What Team Platteeuw managed last weekend is unbelievable. We knew what this colony is capable of, but this is a new highlight in the history of these world-class fanciers from Rumbeke.

4th June 2022 ... a day to remember!  

National Argenton for old birds and yearlings was held under tough but fair conditions. It was one of the few times everyone in Belgium had the opportunity to take a National Top 10 spot. Team Platteeuw are one of the fanciers to watch in West-Flanders, but to stand out on a national level the conditions had to be favorable for the coastal province. On this occasion, the best pigeons would automatically surface. 

The expectations at the Platteeuw household were high, Kurt and Raf were confident in their racing team due to their results in the weeks prior. When the moment was there, on Saturday afternoon...the pigeons came crashing down on the 500km long classic: Provincial: 1st-2nd-4th and 5th against 4,294 Old birds and National: 7th-10th-14th-16th-37th-48th against 20,467 pigeons and 92 out of 124 prizes (74%). This was a career best for Kurt Platteeuw. The results speak for themselves. A beautiful race during which no one was favored by conditions, and everyone could win. The Platteeuw pigeons showed themselves. Others were humbled, in awe of this display of power...

It were the loft's biggest stars that hit hard on Argenton. We would like to shortly introduce a few of these cracks: 

Melissa (BE19-3119219) : as a yearling she won 1st Provincial Limoges against 2,139 pigoens, fastest in West-Flanders against 4,387 pigeons. Last season she flew 4th Provincial Chateauroux against 4,688 p., and now she winst 1st Provincial Argenton against 4,294 pigeons. A double provincial winner! 

Pascale (BE19-4184174) : a phenomenal pigeon direct from the PIPA ELITE CENTER (PEC). A champion that has flown Top 9 in the club, a staggering 10 times. Even more impressive her palmares on a national level include a 10th, another 10th and a 11th place. Knowing she was lost and picked up at a non-fancier, more dead than alive...she has had an unbelievable recovery. A fantastic creature, and a rock-hard character. This year, she has flown 3 top results; on 3 races she reaches a coefficient of 1.12%. Argenton : 2nd / 4,294 p., Chateauroux : 4th / 1,081p., and Bourges : 5th / 699 pigeons!


SISKA (BE19-3119062) : also an absolute stare, takes 4dth Provincial Argenton against 4,294 pigeons  but also recently won 4th Orleans 809 p.., 9th Chateauroux 1,081 p. and 10th Bourges against 699 pigeons. In other words; nothing but top results. She previously had also flown 1st Souillac and 1st Chateauroux (2nd Prov. against 4,688 p.). 

5th: Mike (BE18-3118753) : A son of top pigeon Sea Surfer, who is housed on the loft due to a lack of cocks (as many know Platteeuw baskets ALL PIGEONS = empty lofts). Mike now achieves the result of his lifetime by flying in the slipstream of several of his loft mates, taking 5th Provincial Argenton behind 3 loft mates


Sunset Cis (BE19-3119359) : wins 13th Provincial Argenton as full brother to the Provincial winner Sylvie.  

Fienie (BE20-3022663) : a daughter from General x his daughter: half sister to New General, a true inbred product. She is unstoppable this season as Argenton is her fourth top result this year; 2nd Orleans against 809 p., 3rd Chateauroux against 1,081 p., 7th Bourges against 699 p. and now the 10th Argenton against 891 pigeons (19th Provincial against 4,294 p.), beaten by several loft mates. 



The yearlings team was also on point

The less experienced yearlings also performed exceptionally well on this popular heavy middle distance classic. Provincially they won 5th-6th-19th-21st-47th-48th.../ 4,091 yearlings. Nationally was again an impressive feat : 19th-24th-55th-60th-.../ 18,763 pigeons and 38 out of 59 prizes, a prize percentage of 68%. 

Two hens from the year 2021 which are currently performing at an extremely high level are Charlotte (BE21-3016377) and Silke (BE21-3016297). Their most prominent results can be found on their respective pedigrees, but these lists are likely to be extended as the season advances...

Kurt Platteeuw enjoying the super results on Argenton

Racing week in, week out!

Also in the weeks before Argenton Platteeuw was a power to be reckoned with:
Orleans : 809 Old birds : 1-2-3-4-8-11-13-14-16-17-18-21-... (109/194)
Orleans : 343 Yearlings : 1-4-6-7-8-10-12-13-14-18-21-23-... (38/65)
Chateauroux : 1,081 Old birds : 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-11-13-15-16-17-18-21-23-24-25...(120/191)
Chateauroux : 397 Yearlings : 2-3-4-5-6-8-10-11-13-14-17-19-21-... (40/64)
Bourges : 699 Old birds : 1-2-3-4-5-7-9-10-13-14-15-17-18-19-20-...(83/125)
Bourges : 360 Yearlings : 1-2-3-5-7-9-11-12-14-15-16-18-...(37/62)
after Argenton he has a cumulative prize percentage of 557 prizes out of 884 basketed pigeons!!

Platteeuw: always in the spotlights 

Possibly they will never top this result, but Team Platteeuw will try nonetheless. Kurt Platteeuw is someone who speaks his mind, but has the results to back him up. He talks the talk, and walks the walk. Numbers don't lie, and with 8 National victories on his palmares and the most recent top result on Argenton Platteeuw shows to belong to the best. After a lot of commotion in the past 10 years and unfortunately some unsportsmanlike and jealous comments, this chapter is closed. The pigeons performed phenomenally, which deserves sportsmanlike respect. 

Due to the fact that it was a neutral and fair race, the result speaks for itself. Team Platteeuw is ever so content and proud. They would like to thank the club in Kortrijk where they basketed for Argenton. The service was outstanding and sportmanslike, like it should be! The first time they went to another club, and immediately book such a result...funny how some things turn out.