Team Koopman (Ermerveen, NL) winner of 1st Teletext-middle distance Quievrain against 6,223 pigeons

The amazing Koopman pigeons often take the lead in the prestigious teletext races and now they have a deserved win in the middle distance race from Quievrain. The cock Paridon, a youngster from 2010, was already on the road to victory and eventually took the red card against 6,223 pigeons.

Some pigeons gain a lot of experience as a youngster, but they have plenty of time to gradually climb to the top. Several years ago Team Koopman started to breed youngsters later in the season. The idea was to race them lightly as a yearling and to give them some time to mature first. These pigeons are bred from special breeding pairs only and they are not expected to win top prizes. Every season Gerard selects twenty of them to use them as widowers at the age of three. Paridon is a perfect example of these special pigeons.

“I hope Paridon has the same future ahead as some of its predecessors”, says Gerard Koopman. He refers to some well-known pigeons from his loft with similar performances. “His half sister Gerard's Favourite was nowhere to be seen at the beginning of the season, but as soon as she took the lead, she won several teletext races in a row. Last week, Paridon was 16th NPO Troyes against 8,079 pigeons. … this week he won the first prize... I wonder what he has in store for the rest of the season.”

‘Paridon’ is a son of De Lorris, winner of 1st NPO Lorris against 5,256 pigeons with a seven minute lead. He raced for the loft of Lindelauf but was then transferred to the breeding lofts of Koopman. There, he was the sire of for instance:

- ‘Magic Man’ 
      1° Nat. Le Mans Noord   – 15,252 p.
      3° Nat. Le Mans         – 99,104 p.
      Auto winnaar
- ‘Gerards Favourite’
      4° NPO Ablis            – 10,609 p.
      5° St. Ghislain         – 13,574 p.
      9° NPO Sourdun          – 13,426 p.
- ‘Blue Energy’
      Top breeder and father of Miss Mukdahan, Golden Energy, Gabry, etc.

The mother is Altima, a full sister of top-class pigeon Mr. Allennig, winner of the 1st NPO Blois against 6,279 pigeons in 2009 (and the fastest of 7,541 pigeons) and winner of 10th Boxtel against 17,075 pigeons. Altima is a half sister of Varella (1st Nat. ace pigeon one day middle distance Fondspiegel 2007) and Miss Mukdahan (for instance winner of 1st Laon against 1,479 pigeons in difficult weather conditions).

The best results of the Koopman Team in 2012:

31-3 Ravenstein (133 km) – 5,247 p.
7-4 Ravenstein (133 km) – 9,166 p.
14-4 Boxtel (163 km) – 10,698 p.
12-5 Breuil Le Vert/Clermont (486 km) NPO one-day middle distance – 10,037 p.
26-5 Troyes (534 km) NPO one-day middle distance – 8,079 p.
2-6 Quievrain (346 km) Teletext middle distance – 6,223 p.