Team Hooymans ready to compete for European glory!

As of 2019, direct Hooyman pigeons will be facing opponents in different competitions across Europe: besides the team's private racing loft of Jan Hooymans, we will also see the launch of a "Team Hooymans NL" racing loft in The Netherlands, led by Christian van de Wetering from Wijk en Aalburg.

Team Hooymans BE-UK-NL

The ambitions of Jan Hooymans (Hooymans Pigeons) have been sky high and they are now spreading across the border as well: besides his Team Hooymans NL, Jan is now launching a Team Hooymans BE and a Team Hooymans UK as well. What this means is that his Harry descendants are ready to compete in Belgian and English races as well.

Launching “Team Hooymans NL”, Wijk en Aalburg (The Netherlands)

Christian van de Wetering has really made a name for himself in recent years, and 2018 saw him claim the prestigious title of 1st Best Fancier in The Netherlands (WHZB-TBOTB) - he was probably the youngest fancier ever to win this title. In addition, he was Superstar of the Year Middle Distance Golden Pigeon 2018, as well as 1st semi-national champion One Day Long Distance Northern Union (NPO provinces 7 through 11), a title which he won in 2017 as well.

Team Hooymans NL: Jan Hooymans & Christian van de Wetering

Christian and Jan Hooymans met in 2014, and the two fanciers have been involved in a collaboration ever since, with Christian racing direct Hooymans pigeons in a satellite loft in Wijk en Aalburg. There was also a joint breeding that combined Christian's best breeders with the cream of the crop of the Harry dynasty, and their youngsters were then put to the test in the lofts in Kerkdriel and in Wijk en Aalburg. These were particularly successful: they claimed first prizes against tens of thousands of pigeons, numerous top 10 prizes NPO and several championship prizes. The 2018 season was a major success, and Jan and Christian reckoned it was time to extend their collaboration and their satellite loft. The result is a brand new combination that is ready to compete in Dutch pigeon races as "TEAM HOOYMANS NL".

Launching “Team Hooymans BE”, Mol (Belgium)

Fellow fancier, Belgian neighbour and top player Gregory Bekaert will be racing from Mol, Belgium as "Team Hooymans BE". He will be racing a full team of young birds in 2019. Gregory has been getting some fabulous results over the years together with Nicole de Weerd. He is quite an experienced fancier, and he will soon be working with a group of top class Harry descendants.

The first young birds are now getting used to their Belgian environment from a newly renovated loft.

Team Hooymans BE: Jan Hooymans & Gregory Bekaert

Lancering “Team Hooymans UK” (Engeland)

Jan met top fancier John Crehan at the Million Dollar Race in South Africa many years ago, and the two became good friends. Jan and John have been competing together in Great Britain for about five season now. Their shared passion for pigeon racing eventually resulted in a name change: John will be racing in Great Britain as Team Hooymans UK as of 2019. John has proven over the years to be an outstanding fancier.

He won the Golden Pigeon title in the UK & Ireland in 2018, he won a 1st national (with just one pigeon in the race: Solo Warrior), and he had two (!) Olympiad pigeons in Great Britain two seasons ago, which were two direct Hooymans birds. John is now running a fantastic racing loft with some top quality Hooymans pigeons that have had some great results. And a new group of Harry descendants will be introduced in this loft every season.

Team Hooymans UK: Jan Hooymans & John Crehan

In addition, Jan Hooymans will continue to race from his own loft in Kerkdriel as well, as J. Hooymans. Jan and fellow team members Mario, Evert and Christian will be racing in the one day long distance and the ZLU competition.

Jan Hooymans in front of his racing loft

It goes without saying that Jan Hooymans and his Hooymans Pigeons will still be racing in the world's biggest One Loft Races as well. They are aiming towards three races in particular: the PIPR (Pattaya, Thailand), the VFWCPRC (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe) and the SAMDPR (Million Dollar Race, South Africa).

Jan & Petra Hooymans and the organisers of the PIPR - Thailand

These new developments show that Jan Hooymans is confident that pigeon racing has a bright future. Only the best is good enough for him, and this idea gave way to a new approach: he believes his Hooymans pigeons are able to excel in different countries, different conditions and different competitions. This positive and ambitious mindset and his willingness to invest in the future of his pigeon breed could set an example for other fanciers across the globe. Pigeon racing will continue to bloom with the help of such ambitious fanciers as Jan Hooymans and his partners. Do you have the same positive outlook?