Team Hooymans NL (Wijk en Aalburg, NL) bursts out of the starting blocks with victories, top prizes and high prize percentages

They claimed two first prizes in the region from Bierges and Lessines, along with several other top prizes, and they were outstanding again on 18th of May, finishing in second and third place of 11,709 pigeons in the teletext race from Sezanne.

Christian v.d. Wetering (r) and  Jan Hooymans (l)

As many of you know, Christian has been racing with direct Hooymans pigeons from his home base in Wijk and Aalburg since 2015. This has shown to be a very talented breed. They claimed a title of 1st Best Fanciers in The Netherlands WHZB/TBOTB, as well as 2nd National Champion One Day Long Distance NPO, both in the very demanding 2018 season. As of this season, the racing loft of Christian in Wijk and Aalburg will be referred to as "Team Hooymans NL", because Team Hooymans has a few irons in the fire. We now have the Dutch lofts of J. Hooymans (Kerkdriel) and Team Hooymans NL (Wijk en Aalburg), and there will soon be a Belgium-based Team Hooymans BE as well, alongside the pigeon loft of John Crehan from Great Britain, who races as Team Hooymans UK. (Click here to read more about Team Hooymans).
Jan and Christian pick the breeding pairs for the lofts in Wijk and Aalburg together. Christian will then coach and guide the Hooymans birds, the best of which will eventually return to the breeding lofts of Jan Hooymans in Kerkdriel at the end of their racing career. For instance, the young racing hen Jane (NL18-5002214) moved back to Jan's breeding loft at the end of last season. This hen won 3 prizes 1:100 in six races as a young bird in Christian's racing loft, including a 1st National Nanteuil (14,422 p.) and an 8th NPO Roye (5,996 p.).

Top results in the first six races of 2019

It is fair to say that the team has had another brilliant start to the season. They competed in six races so far, and they claimed the following prizes:

13/4: Bierges   125 km  2,124 p.: 1-2-6-7-8-19-51-57-etc                  (21/39, 54%, 10x 1:10)
20/4: Lessines  150 km  4,097 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-12-13-18-33-34-36-37-etc(45/54, 83%, 41x 1:10)
27/4: Lessines  150 km    714 p.: 3-11-12-13-26-29-30-34-65-68-91-etc     (17/52, 33%, 11x 1:10)
 4/5: Niergnies 225 km 15,021 p.: 16-40-41-56-129-191-196-223-etc.        (33/50, 66%, 23x 1:10)
11/5: Pt.St.Max 328 km 15,323 p.: 17-33-54-59-80-111-130-188-191-etc      (38/52, 73%, 26x 1:10)
18/5: Sezanne   355 km 11,709 p.: 2-3-17-29-42-55-56-102-146-197-239-etc  (31/50, 62%, 21x 1:10)

We talk you through the pigeons that claimed a regional victory from Bierges and Lessines, as well as a 2nd and 3rd NPO Sezanne.

NL18-5002187 'De 187', 1st Bierges 2,124 pigeons

The first place from Bierges of 2,124 pigeons was won by De 187. The sire of this hen is Blue Brave. He is not only an unusually gifted breeder, he has also won quite a few top prizes:

1st Quievrain       2,046 p.
1st St. Quentin       948 p.
8th Sezanne         2,856 p.
3rd Pont st. Max    1,624 p.
2nd Asse Zellik     1,897 p.
4th TT Pont st. Max 6,682 p.
3rd Quievrain         471 p.
4th St. Quentin       474 p.

The dam is a daughter of New Harry (winner of a 1st Niergnies 14,737 p. and 1st Pont St. Max 12,894 p.) x Olympic Cape (Olympiad Poznan 2011) of the Mantel combination. Click here for the full pedigree of De 187.

NL18-5002273 Son Harry Junior, 1st Lessines 4,097 pigeons

The race winner from Lessines is a direct son of Harry Junior. This Harry Junior is the sire of as many as five NPO/teletext pigeons. His youngsters have won the following prizes in the top 10 in important races:

 1st Asse Zellik Prov 7 8,257 p.
 1st Lessines           4,097 p.
 2nd Asse Zellik        2,091 p.
 4th Nat. Bourges      16,658 p.
 4th Niergnies Prov 7   6,938 p.
 7th NPO Niergnies      4,849 p.
 7th Niergnies          2,942 p.
 7th Yeovil             2,438 p.
 9th Melun NPO          6,390 p.
 9th Roye NPO           8,755 p.
 9th Melun NPO          3,882 p.
10th Lessines           2,628 p.

The dam of Son Harry Junior is an inbred hen to the Dreampair of Team Snellen & Son. Click here for the fantastic origins of Son Harry Junior.

NL18-5002454 De 454, 2nd NPO Sezanne 11,709 pigeons

This 454 was already quite a star as a one year old hen. She wins 2 top 10 prizes NPO/TT, as well as the following top results:

 2nd Sezanne NPO/TT      11,709 p.
 3rd Lessines             4,097 p.
 7th Roye NPO             5,996 p.
 7th Bierges              2,124 p.
29th Niergnies            6,938 p.
59th Pont St. Max. Afd 7 15,323 p.

Judging from her pedigree, she does have some fantastic origins indeed. Her sire is none other than New Harry, winner of a 1st Niergnies 14,737 p. and a 1st Pont St. Max 12,894 p. The dam is Dentist Lady, and she stems from super class pair Dorus x Charony of Willem de Bruijn. Click here for the pedigree of De 454.

NL16-1663249 De 249, 3rd NPO Sezanne 11,709 pigeons

The 3rd prize from Sezanne NPO was won by racing cock De 249. Besides, he claimed a 2nd Lessines (4,097 p.) this season as well. And he was also outstanding in previous years, winning for instance 18 prizes in 18 races and a title of 1st Ace Pigeon middle distance Province 7 (NPO ranking) in 2018 alone. The sire of De 249 is top breeder Strong Trilboy, which is the sire of many other top class birds as well. De 249 is a full sister of the legendary Harry. Click here for the full pedigree of De 249.

NL18-5002232 Son Harry Junior 232, 3e NPO Salbris 5.746 duiven

Christian shows the wing of Son Junior Harry 232, 3rd Salbris 5.746 pigeons

The top racer on the Salbris race is yet again a son of Harry Junior and therefore a grandson of Harry himself. Mother is a daughter "Goede Zwarte" from Victor Massart. This hen also is mother to, among others, 2nd NPO Issoudun 2,895 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of Son Harry Junior 232.

We can add that Jan Hooymans' 7th NPO Salbris comes directly from New Harry. The 10th NPO of the Bambacht Family then comes from a full brother of "Harry" ...

The continuing story of the Harry family

As the coach of Team Hooymans NL, Christian is privileged to be working with some of the great stars of the Harry bloodline, which is a family of race winners that is capable of breeding generation after generation of talented birds. And let's not forget that Christian plays a pivotal role as well: his best breeders, such as Stareye (the dam of New Harry and Harry Junior), Strong Trilboy and Blue Brave appear to combine really well with the Hooymans birds. The youngsters and grandchildren of New Harry and Harry Junior that we just mentioned are the living proof. 
The potential of these pigeons shines through in many other lofts. A good example would be the race from Sezanne on 18th of May, where Team Hooymans NL claimed a 2nd and 3rd prize. In fact, two other pigeons in the top 10 are descendants of New Harry and Harry. The 5th NPO Sezanne of Rien and Diny van Oss is a grandchild of New Harry, and the 10th NPO Sezanne of J. Poelstra & Sons is a great-grandchild of Harry.
Last week (11th of May), a direct son of New Harry claimed a 5th Pont St. Maxence of 15,323 pigeons, which shows that New Harry can be considered the new Harry for sure! We have a number of middle distance, one day long distance and young birds' races coming up, and we definitely expect this team to deliver some spectacular results in the weeks to come.