Super auction weekend: +410,000 EURO. Brother Nadine (Willy Daniëls) sold for 36,500 EURO

The 2017-2018 auction season is clearly in full swing. This auction weekend started and ended with a highly anticipated auction: the Willy Daniëls Collection (4,225€/pigeon) and the Ganus Family Loft (6,254€/pigeon).

Willy Daniëls Collection – 28 pigeons – 4,225 EURO/pigeon

Willy Daniëls has had another exceptional season, with the title of national ace pigeon for Nadine as the icing on the cake. She followed in the footsteps of her full sister Sara, which won this prestigious title one year ago. This collection of 28 pigeons was sold for almost 120,000 EURO, which is an impressive sum. The same can be said of the most expensive pigeon in this auction. A brother of Sara and Nadine was sold for an impressive 36,500 EURO! Another brother was sold for 17,000 EURO, while a sister was sold for 15,000 EURO. A full sister of Kaat was worth 14,600 EURO. These pigeons will all be shipped to China; the other pigeons are going to China (8) – Thailand (7) – Belgium (5) – Taiwan (3) – Hungary (2) – Poland (1) – The Netherlands (1) – Colombia (1).

Ben de Keijzer – 37 pigeons – 822 EURO/pigeon

Ben de Keijzer sold a collection of pigeons with Ludo Claessens origins, raising 30,400 EURO overall. His white coloured pigeons were particularly popular: Sensation White and White Honour were sold to China for 3,200 EURO and 2,500 EURO respectively. The pigeons in this auction were sold to fanciers from China (7) – France (6) – Kuweit (6) – The Netherlands (6) – Poland (3) – Colombia (3) – USA (2) – Taiwan (1) - Spain (1) - Belgium (1).

Jespers-Vanderwegen – 50 pigeons – 1,278 EURO/pigeon

The racing team of Jesper-Vanderwegen was sold in auction as well, and this auction raised almost 64,000 EURO. Just like in the previous auctions, the highest bids came from Chinese fanciers. The team's provincial winner from Bourges was sold for 5,000 EURO, and their 2nd Prov. Bourges was quite popular as well, with a sale price of 3,800 EURO. A grandson of their stock breeder Kleine Dirk, which was very successful as a racing bird, was sold for 4,400 EURO. Fanciers from several different countries placed a bid for one of these pigeons: they came from China (18) - Belgium (12) – Taiwan (8) - Colombia (5) – Japan (5) – Poland (1) – south Africa (1).

Derek Rooney – 9 pigeons – 1,822 EURO/pigeon

The 9 pigeons of Derek Rooney were sold for 16,400 EURO. His pigeon breed is based around top class breeder Harry of Jan Hooymans, and needless to say his Harry inbreds were particularly popular: two pigeons inbred to Harry were sold for 2,300 EURO each. The pigeons were sold to Taiwan (3) – USA (2) and The Netherlands, Argentina, China, and The Czech Republic (1 each).

Samuel Lofts & Mark Kitchenbrand – 9 pigeons – 2,150 EURO/pigeon

Samuel Lofts & Mark Kitchenbrand are the proud owners of Gino Clicque's Golden Prince, and it was a daughter of Golden Prince that received the highest bid: a fancier from Germany purchased this pigeon for no less than 11,600 EURO. Descendants of Birdy and Zander and the daughter of Golden Prince together raised almost 20,000 EURO. Five from a total of nine pigeons were sold to The Netherlands; the other birds will be shipped to Germany, Great Britain, Portugal and the USA.

Ganus Family Loft – 26 pigeons -  6,254 EURO/pigeon

And the last auction of this weekend was quite a special one; the 26 pigeons of the Ganus fmaily raised no less than 162,600 EURO. It was a collection based on some exceptional racing birds that won the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa. The most expensive pigeon in this auction was a youngster of the grandparents of Laura Is A Big Winner Today, the Sun City winner (sold for 17,000€). A half brother of Laura Is A Big Winner Today was sold for 12,2000 EURO. A youngster of Laura Is A Big Winner paired to her sire was sold for 10,200 EURO. No less than 13 pigeons were sold to fanciers from the United States. Another 4 pigeons went to Portugal, two to Taiwan, and one pigeon will be shipped to Canada, The Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland and Mexico.