Sun City MDPR 2012: Team Ruhr - Schink (Germany) win 16th SCMDPR

Team Ruhr - Schink win the 16th Sun City MDPR thanks to their youngster Rubbellos. The top 3 is completed by two other Germans: Team Sylt 2000 - Goebel-Varney (2nd) and Ruediger Schoenau (3rd). Gerard Koopman has 3 birds in the top 30.

You can expect coverage of the following events as the race weekends progresses:

  1. Basketing
  2. Welcoming function
  3. Race day with weather updates and short videos of the winners shortly after the result is known
  4. Prize presentation
  5. Auction update of the top ten birds

Sunday: The auction of the top 100 contenders at the Superbowl started at 09:00 a.m. South African time. Lot 1 was sold for R250 000 (10 R(and) = approx. 1 euro) and Lot 2 for R360 000. They were both purchased in partnership by Mr. de Weerd & Kitchenbrand.

Rubbellos, winner of the 16th Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race

Movie of Rubbellos being auctioned:

Saturday: 3,479 pigeons liberated at 6:35 for a race of 578 km.

Weather conditions during liberation:

  • Weather: fine and clear
  • Wind: fresh Easterly wind of 18kph
  • Temperature: 20° C (68° F)
  • Conditions: clear

Below you can watch a video of the liberation this morning:

Weather update 11:00 GMT:

Weather update 14:00 South African time:

Weather update 15:10 South African time:

Corrie Naude, race trainer and the person who oversees the liberation, just came back and reported that a hard race is expected. He said that on his way back, after the city of Kimberley, the wind increased up to 25 kph (north west wind). This according to Corrie will ensure that winners will be very hard birds.

Winner: Team Ruhr - Schink win the 16th Sun City MDPR thanks to their youngster Rubbellos. Click here for the pigeon's pedigree. Gerard Koopman also performed great with 3 birds in the top 30.

The (unofficial) top 25 is as follows:

You can find the top 300 here.

Pictures of the 2nd and 3rd in the 2012 race:

The two gents from Team Sylt of Germany, whose 'Sylt Orpheus' came in 2nd

A representative of team Ruediger Schoenau, whose 'Luke Donald' came in 3rd


Friday: The weather for tomorrow is not 100%. The basic info (unofficial yet) at this stage:

  • Wind: will predominately be blowing from the East (i.e. headwind)
  • Temperature: will be 20 degrees at the time of liberation and around 30 degrees at noon


Thursday: In total 3,479 birds completed the preparatory races to compete for the 16th Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race championship title.


Below you can already find pictures of Thursday's basketing, Friday's welcoming function and game drive, Saturday's waiting for the arrival of the pigeons and prize presentation, and Sunday's auction of the top 100. Pictures were made by Pieter Oberholster and a professional photographer hired by the organisation. Movies were provided by the SCMDPR organisation.