The success story of Reedijk-Jongekrijg (Puttershoek, NL) and their Janssen brothers pigeons (Arendonk, BE)

They have one of the most renowned Janssen brother families! We had already discussed the Bono dynasty, which their Olympiad Pigeon Danica belongs to. In this article we discuss the great qualities of the Janssen pigeons in Puttershoek, who had another impressive season in 2012.

A lot of pigeon families are based around Janssen pigeons. Many fanciers add some other bloodlines to their Janssen breed later on. This was also the case for Gerard & Elly Reedijk-Jongekrijg, although they breed pure Janssen bloodlines most of the time: they purchased new Janssen pigeons from Arendonk (BE) on a regular basis. In fact they did not use them for the breeding loft only: the Janssen pigeons were used in races as well. This means that strict selection is the key in this collection. Pigeons that were not good enough were kept out of the breeding loft. Their Janssen collection is of proven quality.

In the 2012 season the descendants of direct Janssen pigeons (and their descendants) have been doing great:

13 first prizes
Nanteuil     1/   452
Chateauroux  1/   135
Duffel       2/  3930
Morlincourt  2/  3262
Nijvel       2/  2422
Tours        2/  1228
Sens         2/   910
Argenton     2/   746
Pommeroeul   3/  2481
Nijvel       3/  2422
Mantes la J. 3/  2245
Sens         3/   910
Pommeroeul   3/   485
Grimbergen   3/   203
Nijvel       4/  4389
Peronne      4/  2415
Peronne      4/   533
Pommeroeul   4/   505
Peronne      4/   454
Pommeroeul   4/   162
Nijvel       5/  2422
Sens         5/   910
Duffel       6/  2925
Pommeroeul   6/  2481
Bourges      7/  1733
Peronne      8/  2309
Nanteuil     8/  1824
Sens         8/   910
Peronne      9/  2309
Nijvel       9/  1336
Nijvel       9/   539
Vierzon     10/10.553
Duffel      10/  3095
Nijvel      10/  2422
1st Emperor Champion Entente
1st General not nominated Entente
1st Emperor Champion middle distance Entente

This is a great list of achievements for 2012! When we take a closer look at the breeders of Janssen we notice that there is one couple with three descendants in the breeding loft. Victor, Sjef and Jo stem from the couple Blauwen v. Grote Donkeren x Geschelpte v. Klamper.

This partnership has already had a top class pigeon: Olympic Danica 2009. She was bred directly from a first class cock from the lines of the Janssen brothers. Although this bird does not stem directly from Janssen pigeons it still illustrates the outstanding breeding qualities in the fifth and sixth generation!

Olympic Danica (06-1112764)
1st Pigeon champion one day long distance Hoeksche-Waard '08
3rd Provincial one day long distance '08
2nd Olympiad pigeon one day long distance '08
Bourges   1/106
Blois     3/4776
Bourges   3/1153 ( = 44th NPO - 12,905 pigeons)
Sezanne   11/1696
Moeskroen 15/2620
Ablis     19/4277
Creil     20/16296

Let’s not forget that Gerard and Elly were National Champions in 2007 for the WHZB (Wie Heeft Ze Beter). They owed their success to the Janssen pigeons, as well as some pigeons of G. & S. Verker and Hubert & Riet Jongen. They are the living proof that you always have to select your pigeons, irrespective of their origins. The good news is that selection has already been done in the collection of this auction, which includes the direct Janssen brother pigeons of Gerard and Elly. Thanks to their strict selection the pigeons in this auction are of the best quality.