Stickers-Donckers (Lille, BE) stormed the national podium, a.o. as 1° Nat Champion Sprint Youngsters & 1° Nat. Ace bird Sprint O.b. KBDB 2011

The formation Stickers-Donckers was the most laureate colony of our land in 2011 with no less than 7 classifications in the national championships KBDB! Formidable!

Gust Stickers and Dirk Donckers in front of their richly filled trophy cupboard 

We don’t know if it is a record, we would have to search through the rich archives of the KBDB-history… the fact that Stickers-Donckers climbed the podium during the national days from the KBDB in Ostend no less than 7 times, skims a record height, and is far from ordinary! It proves the great class present there in the lofts of Gust Stickers and Dirk & Seppe Donckers… with which they have grown to become somewhat the greatest sprint virtuosi of our land. In Ostend it gave them the following championships :

1° Nat Champion Sprint Youngsters KBDB 2011
1° Nat Ace bird Sprint O.b. KBDB 2011
3° Nat Champion Sprint O.b. KBDB 2011
4° Nat Ace bird Sprint O.b. KBDB 2011
6° Nat Ace bird Sprint Youngsters KBDB 2011
9° Nat Champion Yearlings KBDB 2011
11° Nat Ace bird Sprint Youngsters KBDB 2011 

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No small feat then… add to this another 42 x 1° Prizes achieved in 2011, and you could speak of a record year. Although Dirk immediately adds that in 2010 they won almost double the 1° prizes, when the season was finished with 72 victory trophies in the cupboard! So we can safely say that here in Lille they probably have the ‘fastest’ pigeons of our country, in the most laureate sprint colony of our land. Although Dirk admits that the overwhelming successes from 2011 exceeded all expectations. Why? Very simple… in 2010 they disposed of all their pigeons from 2008 and older… so they thought that 2011 would be a transition year, it couldn’t have been further from the truth. Although they were still very ambitious at the start… their aim was to try for the title of ‘Keizer’ in the Tienverbond from Quiévrain, something which no-one had yet achieved. Even at the start at the middle of March the pigeons were sharp… and they launched into a real victory run which didn’t stop until the closing of the season at the beginning of October! Dominating the opposition… at times ‘outclassing’… and this from Quiévrain, over Noyon, up to the small middle distance from Angerville… finally resulting in a cartload of titles, even up to national level… and the ‘keizer title’ in the Tienverbond! The opposition wasn’t easy, and when we say that ‘national champion KBDB 2010’ Leo Heremans is one of their (sporting) rivals, then you realise that the opposition is cutting. 

'Seppe' by the youngsters

Creation of the tandem 

Dirk Donckers (41) was a passionate pigeon fancier for years, until he suffered health problems from the pigeon dust, when he then stopped. When Gust Stickers (74) asked Dirk to help clock the pigeons (manually at the time)… one thing soon followed another. Plans were soon made to build up a colony together… the first years they raced under the name August Stickers, later formed into the tandem Stickers-Donckers. In the meantime Dirk’s son Seppe (11) also joined the ranks, and was mainly responsible for taming the youngsters. Obviously it was the pigeons from Gust who set the track record at the start, where a few pigeons from the local opponents (via ‘voucher sales’ or exchanges) joined them as reinforcements. The most recent reinforcements which immediately gave the performance curve an enormous boost originated from Luc Van Mechelen and Leo Heremans-Ceusters. They allowed the Stickers-Donckers formation to race through the pigeon peloton like a ‘TGV’, with the known success as result! 


Class pigeons and an extremely solid system, basis to success 

People who have managed to race with such performances, such supremacy for years… don’t only have a loft full of superior pigeons, but their system of racing and coaching has also to be perfect… otherwise you won’t last all season, from race 1 to the very last race in October. Whoever thinks of medication or all kinds of other types of aids is at the wrong address by Sticker-Donckers. Quite the opposite, at medical level they have all faith in Dr. Mariën (Tielen), and confidants know that the man is anything but a supporter of frequent use of medication, and only prescribes it when it is really necessary, but if possible… then preferably without! Preferably preventive precautions… and that’s how they work in Lille. Whoever looks at the photos will see that there is an entire drinking fountain in ‘double use’… the drink vessels are thoroughly cleaned every day, after which they are hung up to dry until the next day. Hygiene is the first basis to preventing ailments so as ‘tricho’ and ‘coccidiosis’. They have less bother from these and from head sickness because a share of their youngsters are raced from an ‘open aviary’ (without a loft behind)… plenty of oxygen then, and also ideal by high temperatures in the summer. And what about the sluggish summer of 2011 then?... one could rightly ask. The results in 2011 were also more than good, although Dirk adds that the best results were achieved in drier and steadfast weather!

At the end of November all the pigeons (breeders and racers) are coupled. The yearlings raise the youngsters from the breeding pigeons, which can directly start on the following nest after the eggs have been moved. The racing pigeons raise 1 round of youngsters and then they are separated straight away. They are not coupled again for the start of the racing season. At the beginning of March, weather permitting, they start with the training… initially from a very short distance, and in short steps… sometimes several times a day. If the weather is good then optimal use is made of it… and so the entire racing team is trained within the shortest space of time, and ready to cause fireworks from the very first race… and this uninterrupted until the last race. The racing pigeons are never shown their partner before being basketted for the races.

The youngsters have never been darkened… and to keep them in plumage until the end of the season they are given a ‘nest’! Starting in June, once the youngsters have experienced the necessary racing routine the nest boxes in the lofts are opened and if they feel ready for it they can begin a nest. From then on it is ‘racing’… and more ‘racing’. The youngsters also take part in a midweek race on Wednesday or on a bank holiday. This is sometimes increased to 3 (sometimes 4) races per week towards the end of the season, when they take part in the sprint races on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday… sometimes even 3 days in a row (sat-sun-monday). Towards the end of the season the pigeons don’t usually train at home. On the ‘free days’ when there are no races the pigeons are taken away for a trainings race up to 30 Km. As you can see a great deal of time and energy is spent on the pigeons, very intensive… success just doesn’t happen on its own, that seems to be the case here also .


The national Ace birds ss

No less than 4 pigeons classified themselves in the national championships KBDB in 2011, time to introduce you to the most predominant, with their performances with which they won their Ace bird title. 

-‘Wonderboy’ BE10-6110932

1° Nat Ace bird Sprint O.b. KBDB 2011
1° Ace bird Quiévrain Yl Pigeon Union ‘Lille Poederlee’ 2011
Ace bird Tienverbond Oude 2011
 1° Quiévrain  1.544 p.
 1° Quiévrain    493 p.
 1° Quiévrain    265 p.
 1° Quiévrain    241 p.
 3° Quiévrain  1.027 p.
10° Quiévrain  1.852 p. 

He is a full brother of the 6° Nat Ace bird Sprint KBDB 2010 (the BE09-6121296), and comes out the ‘Father 6° Nat Ace bird KBDB & 3° Olympiad bird Poznan 714/07’ x ‘Vaal Vervoort 194/02’ (a Jef Vervoort, and so also mother of the aforementioned Ace birds). 

-‘As der Azen’ BE11-6151202

1° As der Azen Youngsters Vanrobaeys/Duivenkrant 2011
6° Nat Ace bird Sprint Youngsters KBDB 2011
1° Ace bird Quiévrain Youngsters union ‘Lille Poederlee’ 2011
 2° Quiévrain  1.175 p.
 7° Quiévrain  2.695 p.
10° Quiévrain    964 p.
12° Quiévrain  2.589 p.
13° Quiévrain  1.943 p.
40° Quiévrain  2.572 p. 

We limit ourselves here to the results sent in to Halle, and which resulted in the title of 6° Nat Ace bird Sprint KBDB, because in total she won no less than 38 prizes (wherefrom 26 at least per 10), including a few toppers in the midweek races, which did not qualify for the national Ace bird title… otherwise she would have rightly been pronounced 1° National Ace bird. A few of the midweek toppers were: 

1° Quiévrain  2.070 p.
3° Quiévrain    554 p.
7° Quiévrain    407 p.
9° Quiévrain    341 p. etc 

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Her lineage also proves that she didn’t get it from a stranger, as on both mother and father’s side this wondrous crack pigeon stems from superior 1° prize winners and Ace birds! For her complete pedigree: click  here

-‘4° Nat. Asduif’ BE10-6110921

4° Nat Ace bird Sprint O.b KBDB 2011
1° Ace bird Noyon Yl pigeon union Lille-Poederlee 2011
2° Noyon    606 p.
2° Noyon    560 p.
3° Noyon    460 p.
4° Noyon  1.174 p.
5° Noyon  1.839 p.
7° Noyon    812 p. 

This bird stems from the ‘Late jonge2006’ 631/06 (out the best yearling in 2005 and best old bird in 2006 ‘The 853/04’… line Heremans-Ceusters x Hok Diels) x ‘391-hen 391/09’ (out a half-brother of the 6° Nat Ace bird Sprint KBDB 2010 and 3° Olympiad bird Poland 2011 YL). 

In Lille they clearly have a wealth of top talent at the moment, and this allowed them to grow to become national toppers in the sprint… even the ‘NR 1’ of our land in 2011 in this discipline! It is hard to race against Gust, Dirk and Seppe… they can be guaranteed to win 1° prize, and that is the challenge facing the opponents in 2012! Although there are obviously easier challenges in life… as, rest assured, the Stickers-Donckers household will also do everything in their power to equal or even improve on the titles and performances achieved… it will be ‘cutting edge stuff’ in the pigeon sport once again there in Lille and its surroundings!
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