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Stewart & Les Knowles of (Widnes, UK) "Blood Will Always Tell"

When I spoke to Stuart Knowles recently I asked him why he had gone out and spent a fortune acquiring expensive pigeons? First of all he laughed and then answered “It’s quite simple really we believe that at the end of the day good blood will always tell and if the birds are managed correctly they will bring back much of the original outlay and if enough effort is put in you will make a nice profit!’’

  I believe that Stuart has really put it in a ‘nutshell’ and explains why the most astute and ambitious fanciers are prepared to ‘dig deep’ to acquire the very best pigeons and if you take a look with me at some of the results the Knowles birds have achieved you will see that he is correct.

  The partners are no big stud set up. The birds were brought in to bring the maximum in success and by jingo have they produced the goods.

  I was told that it all began in 1998 when the partners brought in the Gaby Vandenabeeles via M & D Evans who few can argue had from ‘The Masters’ very best, quite simply because they ‘hit him’ at the right time, just before  Gaby was in his full pomp when he won no less than 3 National races in 1995. The Knowles’ profited from this as they were able to get the Vandenabeele birds when they were ‘hot’. They always say that the best time to buy from a loft is just prior to it hitting its peak because you can get from the very best lines then before the competition floods in.

  These Gaby Vandenabeeles complimented with a few other clever purchases off Gaby’s best stock has seen the Knowles loft ‘reap a rich harvest’ with literally hundreds of winners right up to National levels emerging from the nest bowls in their stock loft. For the doubtful amongst you ,what about  no less than 10 North West Combine winners which includes 2 x 1sts and 1x2nd in 2011 with birdages up to 6,000 birds.

  In classic and National races the story is the same where 4 x 1sts and  a 2nd and 4th  National has resulted.
One of these fantastic racing pigeons is ‘Champion Whitetail’ winner of 1st Central Southern Classic Flying Club from Lessay in Northern France against 3026 birds. This bird contains the best of M &D’s Vandenabeele lines including ‘Maclaren Fideel’ who was G/sire of 2nd Open Sun City in 2008 winning £84,000. This with a crossing of Albert Marcelis via ‘Classic Consistent’ and just as his name suggests he won 1st open Sartilly,8th Open Rennes 15th Open Sartilly all with the North West Classic and also 44th North West Combine 8,206 birds .

This bird was voted 2nd Euro Ace Pigeon & Runner up Middle Distance £10,000 Championship.
In 2006 ‘ Wittenbuik 481’ was purchased from Clive Lister and this direct son of Gaby’s magical ‘Wittenbuik winner of 12 x 1st and 3x1st Provincial is G/sire to ‘Golden Gaby’ the 1st National winning cock and the first youngster from him won £2,000 in the Europa One Loft race. A direct son of Gaby’s ‘James Bond’ 1st National from over 13,000 birds was purchased and  in 2011 one son won 3x1st, 1st Fed and 2nd Open N W Combine from Messac 400miles (600 kms). Though in truth the list of winners achieved is almost endless.
  In 2005 the G & P Lindelauf sprinters were brought in, when a full round of youngsters were purchased. Once again these birds have proved to be a great success not only for Stuart and Les but also others lucky enough to have had these ‘super vitessers’ from them. Surprisingly these birds from the Lindelauf’s have  won not only in the ‘sprint’ races but as far as Messac and Bourges. High calibre fanciers like previous National winner Kerry Mellonby, Harry Kenyon with ‘Champion 56’and the ‘Combine Cock’. Plus Ken Wise who won a RPRA London region Award with ‘De 113’ and took 1st and 2nd London &South East Classic Gold Ring race of one pair of pigeons both from the Knowles loft. Yet another fancier to have success with Knowles’ Lindelaufs is Scotland’s George McLain who in 2009 was 2nd Scottish young bird National with a G/son of ‘Ch. Wonderboy’ and again in 2011 George won 1st and 4th Open the winner containing the Knowles’ ‘Anton’ blood lines. Stuart told me he gets great pleasure from hearing about people having big successes with birds from their loft and that he is grateful to them for informing both him and Les.

   2011 has been once again a very fruitful year on the One Loft scene  1st Ace Pigeon in the French Young Bird derby plus 9th Open in the final race winning another £2,000. Then the partners won 8th Ace pigeon in the Royal Pigeon Racing Association One Loft race. 12th Open was won in the Emerald Classic One Loft race,2nd Hotspot Premier One Loft race also in Ireland and 1st junior Hot Spot Somerset One Loft race. So as you see these Knowles pigeons are winners at all levels of competition proving Stuart correct when he proclaimed ‘Good Blood Will Tell’.