Stefan Mantels (Lummen, BE): 1st National Champion Old Birds Sprint KBDB 2012

You can have a stroke of luck at an unexpected moment. That is what our first National Champion Sprint KBDB 2012 experienced recently.

The right origins

Stefan has everything it takes to be a winner, just like his pigeons. Both his grandfather Eduard and his father Leopold were successful fanciers. Stefan raced together with his father until he died in 2009. This title can be regarded as the pinnacle of three generations of top level pigeon fanciers.

Mission complete

Stefan Mantels could not go to work for six weeks due to an operation on his hand. “I basically won the national Championship in those six weeks: I had the time to release my widowers in the morning as well and, coincidence or not, they performed slightly better than they used to.” This increase in performance led to the following results:

Chimay: 1,118 p.: 9th - 13th
Chimay: 1,372 p.: 40th - 3rd
Vervins:  630 p.: 6th - 64th
Chimay:   827 p.: 12th - 24th
Chimay:   734 p.: 4th - 5th
Chimay:   838 p.: 1st - 2nd (2 in the basket)

It is also worth mentioning that this pigeon family won a sixth place in the National Championship Yearlings KBDB. Some of these results were achieved in the months of July and August. In most regions there are no old bird races anymore but Limburg still manages to organise races with hundreds of old birds in these months. This is thanks to the chairman Jean Hulshagen from Lummen.

Stock sire

The 5154599/99 is the undisputed stock sire. He has three sons, three grandchildren and six daughters in the breeding loft, which consists of 12 pairs. We find another five of his sons in the widowers' loft. 5554599/99 was obtained after Stefan had found an unknown pigeon in his loft. It was a bird from the loft of Leon Lambrechts from Heist-op-den-Berg. Leon ringed two youngsters for Stefan as thanks for returning the pigeon. We know the rest of the story.

The 154599/99: stock sire and breeder of champions

The stock dam is the 58-duivin (6154958/02), a pure Jos Van der Veken (Retie, BE). We are all familiar with the impressive results this fancier has achieved. The 58-duivin is the dam of Blauwe Turbo and grandmother of Genopte, the winners of the National Championship Sprint KBDB.

Blauwe Turbo and Genopte

The Blauwe Turbo (5013042/09) was second Ace Pigeon Old Birds in Limburg in 2012. He managed to win thirty top 10 prizes, including six first prizes in only two years. Click here for a full list of achievements of Blauwe Turbo. The Genopte (5041231/08) has won twenty top 10 prizes. The Genopte was particularly successful in the provincial middle distance races, whereas Blauwe Turbo showed his strength in the race from Chimay most of the time. We noticed that Genopte is a pigeon with excellent origins. His sire is a son of Bourgesman (of the late Pros Roosen) paired to a daughter of Computer II (winner of thirteen first prizes). Click here for the pedigree of Genopte.

Introductions and championships

As we said earlier the family of Stefan consist of pigeons that are closely related. That is why he is on a constant search for pigeons of similar quality to merge into his existing breed. For instance he has purchased pigeons from Daniël Timmers (Hechtel, BE: 1st nat. La Châtre 15,827 p.), Gaston Surkijn (Lummen, BE), Romain Vanrompay (Lummen, the line of Clerinx), Rene Geladi (Stokrooi, BE) and Pierre Mathijs (Hamont-Achel, BE). At the auction of Maurice and Ivan Vandersmissen (Rummen, BE) Stefan also purchased a cock that had won a first Nanteuil 552 pigeons and a first Naneuil 437 pigeons. He also bought a daughter of Ronald I, fourth Olympiad Pigeon 2007. He did a joint breeding with Witpen Lummen of Louis Beutels (Lummen, BE) as well. This pigeon is winner of a first Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds. We run through some of the most important achievements and championship titles of 2012:

16 x first and 15 x second prize
General Champion "De Witpen Lummen"
1st Yearlings Sprint
1st Yearlings Middle Distance
2nd Old Birds Sprint
2nd Old Birds Middle Distance
2nd Young Birds Middle Distance
5th Young Birds Sprint
1st Ace Pigeon Yearlings Sprint
1st Ace Pigeon Yearlings Middle Distance
1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds Sprint
1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds Middle Distance
2nd Ace Pigeon Oude Middle Distance
General Champion KBDB Limburg
1st Sprint Old Birds KBDB Limburg
2nd Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB Limburg
4th Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB Limburg
5th Sprint Yearlings KBDB Limburg
2nd Ace Pigeon Sprint old birds KBDB Limburg
3rd Ace Pigeon Fondclub Limburg
1st National Champion KBDB Sprint Old Birds
6th National Champion KBDB Yearlings
4th National Superhok Vitesse

2012 was a season to remember. It would be difficult to have an equally successful season in 2013. Still, there is a good chance. Stefan, it might be an idea to undergo an operation on your other hand this summer?