Stefaan Lambrechts (Nijlen, BE) on a roll with his old bird, yearling and young bird team

"Winning first place..", this is what every pigeon fancier who enters a race hopes for. At the Lambrechts lofts, however difficult it may be, this happens with some regularity.

In the weekend of June 6th, the Lambrechts-racers gave a show by occupying the complete podium from Sermaises. Besides taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd against 827 old birds, 1st place against 613 yearlings was also won. The winner of the old birds is a descendant from zoon Super 188 (2nd Nat. Ace pigeon SMD KBDB 2013) paired to a racer from Wim Storms (4th National Chateauroux)

Sermaises 06-06-2021

Against 827 old birds:

Against 613 yearlings:

A week later the racers still remembered the route from Sermaises to Nijlen. They powered home, once again taking the win on both the old bird and yearling race. The winning pigeon takes 1st Sermaises against 929 old birds and 1st Sermaises against 634 yearlings. The winner on the yearling race is bred from a half brother Lincia x New Lichtje (BE18-6156526). This same racer had already won 49th national Chateauroux and 69th national Argenton. 

Sermaises 12-06-2021

Against 929 old pigeons:

Against 634 yearlings:

Another week went by and this time it wasn't Sermaises but from a race from Melun on the program. Nonetheless, the result was phenomenal. Just like the previous weeks, the old bird race was won, this time against 737 pigeons. The young birds also showed to be in good condition, starting with 4th, 5th, 6th...against 959 competitors (with 45/73 winning prizes). The winning cock on the old bird race is "Geertje (BE19-6091121)", a top pigeon that has previously won a 3rd provincial and became 9th National Ace pigeon SMD KBDB in 2020

Melun 19-06-2021

Against 737 old birds:
214,216,217,228 (31/41)

Against 959 young birds:

A day later Stefaan basketed a large team of young birds on Quievrain. This too was a succes, as he took both 1st and 2nd place against 1,729 young birds. An impressive feat! Father of this winner is also father to 66th national Argenton and 94th national Chateauroux. Mother is a sister to Super 188 who was mentioned earlier. 

Quiévrain 20-06-2021

Against 1,729 young birds:
1,2,15,17,18,34,44,191,194,196,197,201,204,302,310,316,317,393,490,494,497,505 (22/108)

Update 03-07-2021

Saturday 3rd July, a team of young birds was raced from Melun. These racers once again showed there is no stopping Stefaan's young bird team. On this race he only has Jorne Guldentops above him on the results list. Stefaan takes 2nd until 7th place!

Melun 03-07-2021

Against 1,119 young birds:
2,3,4,5,6,7,20,21,24,25,26,27,32,33,38,41,66,69,72,78,84,93,95,103,104,122,151,162,206,211,214,216,218,227,234,238,257,260,261,268,294,303,311,338,342,353 (46/76)

Stefaan manages to realize exceptional results on the middle distance races this season. He must drive his opponents crazy as he leaves very few top spots for the rest of the competition. Congratulations!