Stefaan Lambrechts (Nijlen, BE) crushes competition in Melun

Stefaan Lambrechts has made himself heard once again. The young birds' specialist from Nijlen has dominated quite a number of races again this season, winning more than a few first prizes along the way. But nothing beats his achievements from last weekend.

Sefaan Lambrechts, a few weeks after his double national win from Bourges zone B1

Renowned for his overall results

A fancier winning a whole series of top results against thousands of pigeons in a single race, it was something we used to see only in The Netherlands. A number of Belgian fanciers have started to focus on the young birds' competition, and of today's most successful young birds' fanciers is without doubt Stefaan Lambrechts. Stefaan has been racing in Nijlen since 2017, and he has never regretted his move. His pigeon breed gained a reputation both at home and abroad. His Lincia bloodline and the descendants of his top pair Blauwe Gert x Van Loockduivin have provided this team with talented new racing birds every season; these bloodlines are truly invaluable for this team. Add to that the fact that Stefaan is a highly experienced fancier, and you end up with a winning formula. This team has set a high bar in 2018, resulting in several great prizes. But nothing comes close to the achievements of Stefaan's racing team in last weekend's race from Melun, where they put in an astonishing performance.

Melun (01/09) - 315km - 1,758 young birds

With speeds of just under 1,300 m/min and with about 4 hours of flying, the weather conditions allowed for a fantastic race, for which Stefan had basketed 109 young birds. The first prize went to fellow fancier and namesake Geert Lambrechts (Hallaar, BE) but all other top prizes were won by this team:

Melun - 1,758 young birds: 

No less than 83 pigeons won a prize per 10, 57 pigeons won a prize per 20, 27 pigeons won a prize per 50 and 13 pigeons claimed a prize per 100. There were just ten minutes between Stefaan's first and 55th pigeon, in a race of 4 hours covering 315km. This was a dazzling performance indeed.

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Several top results were won with the Lincia bloodline

Can they do even better?

If you take a look at the team's results from last weekend, one would assume that they have almost reached perfection. It would be almost impossible to do even better. But we said exactly the same about their previous top result. We are looking forward to the incoming results every single weekend, and those of Stefaan in particular, since he is able to deliver another brilliant result any time. We will be on the outlook for the next world class result from this fancier, be it this year or next year. And we reckon the title of our next article about this team will be something along the lines of "Stefaan Lambrechts dominates the race from ... "