The sprint train of Jan Kuijzer (Krommenie, NL), the king of the sprint in North Holland, goes into retirement

The sprint fanciers from Northern Holland will no longer have to try and keep up with the sprint train of Jan Kuijzer. Jan, who was a Household name at national level, is forced to quit the sport which he repeatedly excelled in.

Jan Kuijzer, brilliant in the sprint competition

A phenomenon in the sprint

The 74 year old Jan Kuijzer was born and raised in Krommene. He earned a living as a carpenter, to provide for his wife and their two sons. Jan is truly passionate about pigeon racing, and he is quite a gifted fancier as well. He races with a team that is mainly based around a few special breeding pairs, and that team was particularly successful from 2013 to 2016: he would often dominate the national sprint races - his favourite competition - in the province of North Holland. Krommenie sits in the northwestern corner of his Rayon, and the predominantly westerly wind does put him in an unfavourable position. But that was not too much of a hindrance apparently, judging from the following top prizes:

2013 5th National Loft Championship Not Nominated Sprint NPO
2014 3rd National Loft Championship Sprint NPO
2015 4th National Loft Championship Not Nominated Sprint NPO
2016 4th National Loft Championship Not Nominated Sprint NPO

Besides, Jan claimed several sprint and supersprint championship titles in Province 6 North Holland, as well as a number of prestigious ace pigeon titles at provincial level, with different pigeons.

A team based around two stock pairs

Jan's pigeon breed is based around the pigeons of the world famous Janssen Brothers from Arendonk in Belgium. Jan obtained these pigeons mainly through Jan Loots (Krommenie, NL). He then fine-tuned his pigeon family with pigeons of Henk Gerritsen/Looyengoed, with which Jan has been involved in joint breedings for 25 years. He also invested in a daughter of Wonderboy of G&P Lindelauf (Vijlen, NL), and this proved an instant success. These birds, combined with a number of Heremans pigeons that were obtained through Willem de Bruijn (Reeuwijk, NL), have led to the creation of some invaluable breeding pairs that have in turn bred talented descendants on a regular basis.

Superkoppel and Koppel Linksboven

Any fancier would feel blessed with a breeding pair that breeds one successful pigeon after another. Well, Jan Kuijzer was fortunate enough to have not one but two such breeding pairs in his collection. They have played a key role in his career, since almost all of his prize winners are related to his two breeding pairs Superkoppel and Koppel Linksboven.

The Superkoppel

This Superkoppel consists of breeding cock NL06-2056102 As 02 and breeding hen NL07-1822444 De 444 De Bruijn. De As 02 is a grandchild of the aforementioned Wonderboy NL94-2082163. De As 02 was himself 6th Young Ace Pigeon in The Netherlands, as well as 1st young bird in Province A. His partner 444 De Bruijn is a granddaughter of the famous Heremans pigeons Rossi, Spinneke, Peter and Charlene. The breeding value of this Superkoppel breeding pair shows in the following pigeons:

NL12-1468203 Vettel 1st Ace Pigeon Supersprint Province North Holland 2016


NL12-1468203 Vettel is one of the sons of Superkoppel that has really stood out in the sprint competition. Click here for Vettel's full pedigree. He has four first prizes on his palmares, including a 1st Asse-Zellik (1472 p.). His victories resulted in the following ace pigeon titles:

1st Ace Pigeon Supersprint Province 6 2016
2nd Ace Pigeon Sprint      Province 6 2016
2nd Ace Pigeon Supersprint Province 6 2014

NL12-1468231 Mad Max, 1st Ace Pigeon Supersprint province North Holland 2015

Mad Max

The Superkoppel has also bred a second generation of top class descendants. Among them is their grandson NL12-1468231 Mad Max, a pigeon with a phenomenal palmares. This chequered cock claimed as many as four first prizes, with most notably a victory from Duffel against 2591 pigeons. Mad Max was particularly tough to beat in the 2015 sprint season, claiming the following titles:

1st Ace Pigeon sprint      province North Holland
1st Ace Pigeon Supersprint province North Holland

NL14-1821692 Ted, 1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds province 6 North Holland


The next champion that gets an introduction is NL14-1821692 Ted. He was quite a star in the sprint competition; he has for instance a prestigious win from Quiévrain of 1885 p. to his name. The parents of Ted are closely related to Jan's Superkoppel. The dam of Ted is a full sister of the hen of the Superkoppel, and the sire of Ted is a grandson of Wonderboy, just like the Superkoppel's male partner. Ted claimed three consecutive top prizes in the ace pigeon championships:

2014 1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds   province 6 North Holland
2015 4th Ace Pigeon Supersprint   province 6 North Holland
2016 6th Ace Pigeon Supersprint   province 6 North Holland

NL11-1587058 VDP, 1e Asduif Supervitesse Afdeling Noord-Holland 2014

VDP - the best cock from Koppel Linksboven

Breeding pair Koppel Linksboven has bred several very successful racing birds, with which Jan Kuijzer was able to shake off his opponents. Jan's most successful cock from this breeding pair is without doubt NL11-1587058 VDP. His palmares includes as many as four first prizes. In addition, VDP claimed a title of 1st Ace Pigeon Supersprint in province North Holland in 2014. Click here for the full pedigree of VDP.


Jan Kuijzer has an extensive number of references from fanciers that did particularly well with descendants of either Superkoppel or Koppel Linksboven. The national ace pigeon that Martin and Jake (Voorst, NL) bred from one of Jan's pigeons is probably the most notable example. Click here for a few of his many references.

Forced to say goodbye

Jan Kuijzer regrets this premature end to his career as a pigeon fancier. His illness, which developed three years ago, makes it impossible for him to continue keeping pigeons. Jan's renowned sprint train will no longer be leading the peloton, like they did in that memorable race from Duffel. That day, Jan Kuijzer claimed the first 16 prizes (of 1625 pigeons).