Some top auctions end today! A.o. the brothers/sisters/children of the 1st National Acepigeons KBDB!

Just a few days have passed since the announcement of the KBDB National Acepigeons, and PiPa already started with an auction which includes children, brothers, sisters to some of the 1st National Acepigeons KBDB. Next to this top quality auction we also offer you the best old breeders and racers of Goosens-Druart, by insiders known as a loft with very high potential! Then we also have the auction of 2 of the biggest One Loft Races in Europe, Europa Classic and Emerald Classic. All these auctions end today! Take a look by clicking 'Pigeons for sale' in your menu.

Some of the toppigeons in the current auctions: