Solid results in 2018 with pigeons coming from Carlo Gyselbrecht (Knesselare, BE)

The often harsh weather conditions that we saw throughout the 2018 season felt like they were tailored for the fantastic Laureaat Barcelona bloodline of Carlo Gyselbrecht. These are the conditions in highly talented birds prevail. And it showed in the results: the team claimed several national top 100 prizes in the extreme long distance.

Where does it end! It was astounding to see how the descendants of the bloodline of Laureaat Barcelona, winner of a 1st International Barcelona in 1995, continue to leave their mark on the long distance and the extreme long distance competition. This bloodline's breeding potential is nothing short of exceptional, and it allowed Carlo Gyselbrecht, the founder and owner of this breed, to become an international star.
Breeding pigeons is an art form in itself, and it is Carlo Gyselbrecht's greatest passion: he is always looking for potent breeding combinations, in an effort to try and breed a highly exceptional stock breeder or a fantastic racing bird, perhaps even in the extreme long distance. And he has been quite successful at it as well: Carlo Gyselbrecht gained an international reputation as the 'master breeder'. Pigeon magazines across the globe have referred to him as such, thanks to the fantastic results of the direct descendants of his world class breeding team. Few other fanciers can look back on such an impressive palmares as Carlo himself:

- breeder of Laureaat Barcelona: 1st International Barcelona  20,925 p. in 1995
- breeder of the dam of New Laureaat: 1st International Barcelona 25,382 p. in 2013
- breeder of the grandfather of the winner of 1st International Barcelona 2003

That is quite a CV for a pigeon fancier!

The memorable year 1995 - the start of a success story

We go back to 1995, the year when Laureaat Barcelona came into prominence with a fantastic performance, taking the lead against an international field of pigeons in the classic from Barcelona. It was one of the most memorable editions of this race, with clear skies from Barcelona all the way to his home loft, a slight headwind and summer temperatures of around 25 degrees.

We had similar weather conditions throughout the 2018 racing season, conditions in which the big stars can demonstrate their strength and stamina, conditons for the real powerhouses. And this type of weather is of course particularly suited for the Laureaat Barcelona bloodline, or the modern-day Carlo Gyselbrecht birds. They really enjoy racing in these circumstances, and you can quickly tell how talented they are in a season like this. The numbers do not lie: the direct descendants of the Laureaat Barcelona bloodline have yet again won numerous national and international top prizes this season, in a number of satellite lofts and in several other lofts across the globe!

Nathan: an invaluable new breeder

Laureaat Barcelona is at the basis of several renowned breeders worldwide, and Carlo Gyselbrecht's own breeding loft has seen the emergence of a few exceptional breeding birds as well in recent years, including Nathan and Narcis Laureaat (grandfather New Laureaat and great-grandfather Nathan Junior), and the outstanding breeding dams Delphine and her daughter Sigrid (grandfather Nathan Junior), just to name a few.

Nathan BE10-4258537 is currently the leading name, and the stock sire of the current generation of champion in the extreme long distance. Nathan was inbred to Laureaat Barcelona, and he was himself a very successful racing bird in the extreme long distance (raced in the lofts of Degrave-Gyselbrecht). His palmares includes:

 11th Nat Barcelona 10,542 p. and  16th Intnat. Barcelona 25,294 p. in 2013
337th Nat Perpignan  5,613 p. and 676th Intnat. Perpignan 15,106 p. in 2013

Click here for Nathan's pedigree.

And that was more than enough for him to be given a spot in the breeding loft, where he would soon develop into a stock breeder. The results of Nathan's youngsters and grandchildren in 2018 alone are quite impressive already. It is testament to the remarkable breeding value of this highly gifted bird. The following prizes were won in 2018:

15. Nat. Barcelona 3,911 p.
86. Nat. Narbonne  3,017 p.
87. Nat. Narbonne  3,506 p.
91. Nat. Agen      4,078 p.

And they also win a 110th Nat. Perpignan 3,966 p., 123rd Nat. Agen 4,078 p., 147th Nat. Narbonne 3,017 p., 168th Nat. Narbonne 3,017 p., 182nd Nat. Agen 4,477 p., 208th Nat. Pau 2,581 p., 290th Nat. St.Vincent 2,758 p. etc.

The dam of Nathan: granddaughter of Laureaat Barcelona

Nathan Junior: 15th Nat. Barcelona in 2018 as a two year old

The biggest racing sensation of 2018 is without doubt Nathan Junior BE16-4134224, bred by Carlo Gyselbrecht but raced in The Netherlands in the lofts of Ad pegels. He was basketed for Barcelona for the first time in 2018, at just two years old. Most of you will probably remember this year's classic vividly. It was a highly demanding race, similar to the 1995 edition, in which Laureaat Barcelona took his coveted victory. Even though it was his first time in Barcelona, Nathan Junior already gave a hint of his enormous potential, claiming the following prizes:

15th Nat Barcelona     3,912 p. ’18 (NL)
44th Intnat Barcelona 15,700 p. ’18 

Click here for Nathan Junor's pedigree

Ad Pegels, who is no longer an active fancier, talks us through the race. He was obviously very impressed with Nathan Junior's performance:

This racing cock was the sole reason for me to keep racing pigeons a little while longer. I don't think I have ever had such a talented bird in my loft; he showed his potential already at the age of two. He came home from Barcelona, and he still looked incredibly fresh and fit. It was a rare sight, it was clear that he still had something left in the tank! Keep in mind he was just a two year old. He was the best bird I have ever had!

It was no surprise that Nathan Junior was transferred back to Knesselare soon after his fantastic race from Barcelona, to join the world class Gyselbrecht breeding loft. This is a new breeding gem with a fantastic future.

Looking for high value combinations

Breeding pigeons is a constant search. As a fancier, you continuously try to come up with a combination that can deliver new racing and breeding stars. We take a look at a few of the most successful breeding birds in the Carlo Gyselbrecht loft - these stem either directly from the line of Laureaat Barcelona, are closely related, or come from a combination of this bloodline with other introduductions.

-Blue Vanbruaene 780: inbred to  Barcelona II André Vanbruaene. This Blue Vanbruaene 780 is the grandfather of:

10. Nat. Agen       5,335 p.
47. Nat. Pau        3,530 p.
91. Nat. St.Vincent 2,569 p. 

... and of a 272th Nat. Barcelona 3,911 p., 113th Nat. Marseille 2,376 p. etc. His half sister is Huub-hen BE07-4235884 (daughter Delphine), and she is the dam of Nathan Junior, 15th Nat. Barcelona 3,911 p. Click here for the pedigree of the sire of Blue Vanbruaene 780 and the Huub-hen.

-Crack Ad NL10-1646352

A fantastic racing bird in the extreme long distance (from the lines of Ad Pegels, see pedigree), and winner of:

 8. Nat. Marseille  3,680 p.
18. Nat. Pau        3,433 p.
38. Nat. St.Vincent 3,714 p.
40. Nat. Perpignan  6,414 p. 

Other top prizes on his palmares include a 107th Nat. Pau 3,124 p., a 144th Nat. Perpignan 5,589 p., a 236th Nat. Pau 3,020 p., and a 383rd Nat. St.Vincent 3,824 p.
Crack ad is a good example of a champion breeding new champions. His youngsters have won the following top prizes:

35. Nat. Agen     4,078 p.
39. Nat. Narbonne 3,017 p.

... and of a 139th Nat. St.Vincent 2,758 p., a 205th Nat. Narbonne 3,009 p., a 247th Nat. Agen 4,776 p., and a  254th Nat. Périgueux 3,889 p.

-Vale Maximus BE11-4100689
A super class breeder and the sire of:

 3. Nat. Cahors    5,279 p.  (S2)
10. Nat. Narbonne  5,338 p. 
18. Nat. Perpignan 4,789 p. 
79. Nat. Marseille 3,320 p. 

... and of a 199th Nat. Barcelona 7,872 p., and a 123rd Nat. Perpignan 3,777 p.

-Etterbak NL06-1419986 (Vrosch-Meijers)
A fantastic breeder. He is the sire and grandfather of the following prize winners:

 5. Nat. St.Vincent 8,393 p.
 8. Int. Pau        9,932 p.
22. Nat. Marseille  1,704 p.
40. Nat. Narbonne   3,187 p.
41. Nat. Narbonne   4,113 p.
43. Nat. Narbonne   3,187 p.
70. Nat. Narbonne   3,080 p.
75. Nat. Narbonne   3,506 p.

... and of a 181st Nat. Barcelona 7,438 p. and a 137th Nat. Narbonne 3,187 p. 
Click here for the pedigree of Etterbak 986

-Roderik BE15-4268055: a son of Nathan, and inbred to Laureaat Barcelona, 1st int. Barcelona 20,925 p. The dam is Sigrid, a daughter of Narcis Laureaat (himself the grandfather of New Laureaat: 1st Int. Barcelona 25,382 p.). Roderik is the sire of Nathan Junior, winner of a 15th Nat. Barcelona 3,911 p., a 92nd Nat. Agen 4,086 p., and a 147th Nat. Narbonne 3,017 p.
Click here for the pedigree of Roderik

-Kirsten BE15-4268056: a daughter of Nathan, and a nest sister of Roderik.

-BB BE09-4139189: a granddaughter of 1st Nat. Barcelona Florizoone. She is in turn de grandmother of a 5th Nat. Agen 6,211 p., an 18th Nat. Agen 6,897 p. and a 32nd Nat. Perpignan 4,789 p.

-Lander BE15-4013696: inbred to Laureaat Barcelona 1st int. Barcelona 20,925 p. Lander is now the sire of a 62nd Nat. Perpignan 3,966 p.

-Inbred Iniesta BE12-4163218: a 100% Delrue-Vanbruaene, inbred to supercrack Iniesta. He is the sire of a 34th Nat. Jarnac 3,906 p., a 158th Nat. Tulle 7,322 p., a 7th Prov. Tulle 1,176 p., a 103rd Nat. Agen 4,477 p., and a 191st Nat. Narbonne 3,506 p.  

-Golden 700: a fantastic breeeder! He is a direct Delrue-Vanbruane, being a son of a 2nd Nat. Barcelona 2010 x Sister 2nd Nat. Barcelona 2006. He is now the sire or grandfather of a 40th Nat. Narbonne 3,187 p., a 75th Nat. Narbonne 3,506 p., a 137th Nat. Narbonne 3,187 p., a 181st Nat. Barcelona 7,429 p., a 109th Nat. Perpignan 3,966 p., and a 27th Prov. Perpignan 643 p. Some excellent references indeed!

A quick look behind the scenes of the fantastic breeding loft of Carlo Gyselbrecht shows that this is a fantastic collection of invaluable birds. These are pigeons with a proven record, and with some exceptional breeding potential. And that is still the key to achieving long-term success in pigeon racing. This is what allowed the Laureaat Barcelona bloodline to deliver fantastic results across the globe for 25 years!