Sit back and enjoy Jos Thoné’s public auction!

Coming Saturday 18th of December will make history as the day on which a new era in public auctioning began. For the first time ever, bidders will be able to watch the public auction at their own home live and for free through the Internet.

All you need to do to make the live-stream work is to surf to on Saturday around 14h00 and click on the link. (We’ll make sure it’s big enough for everyone to notice, so you can’t miss it!) To watch the live-stream a regular computer and a stable Internet connection are required.

Still, we would like to encourage everyone to come and visit the public auction in Thorn, since PIPA and Jos Thoné have done everything in their power to turn this auction into a real must-see event.

Most importantly, the live-stream will only allow you to watch the biddings through the Internet. You will not, however, be able to bid through the website. If you would like to bid along, come to Thorn in Holland this Saturday afternoon or dial 0032 472 71 77 28 or 0032 486 38 82 61.

Handling of pigeons starts at 12h00. The public auction starts at 14h00.
Address: Auction Room "Oad Thoear", Steegputstraat 4 in Thorn (NL)