Sioen Luc, "Convincing international winner St. Vincent Yearlings (2006)"

Loft Sioen, Moorslede (BE)

The Sioen’s are no fans of releases at noon and they certainly do not like releases in the AFTERnoon as was the case with this St. Vincent race (release took place at 4:00 PM). But Luc still wanted to basket some pigeons for this international race for yearlings. And this time, he didn’t regret his decision for one second. The national and international victory (only Belgian and French pigeons participated) was won by a tremendous margin. The future winner was registered at 9:48 AM, only 2 hours!! Later-on, another pigeon was registered in Belgium. Eventually, ‘Il Grillo’ appeared to have flown no less than 196m/m faster than his closest pursuers: a truly phenomenal achievement. ‘Il Grillo’ is a beautiful small cock, scalloped with white feathers. The colours are originating from the Brugemann pigeons that show up in the pedigree (see below).

"Il Grillo" International winner St Vincent Yearlings

Pedigree International winner : Click here

According to the weather charts the first pigeons had to arrive in the east of the country but on Saturday morning, some parts of the east were veiled in thick fog which made it hard for the pigeons to come through. The top 10 mainly contains pigeons from East- and West-Flanders which is probably due to these less favourable weather conditions in the east of the country.

Luc entered 8 summer youngsters of 2005 for this St. Vincent. At 3PM already 4 of them had come home, later in the evening another 3 flew in. They had prepared for this St. Vincent by flying Clermont, 2 x Ablis, Tours and Blois. Luc as well as Hilde, who is in charge of the middle distance and long distance pigeons, will never basket a mass of pigeons. Both of them like to participate in as much races as possible but with a limited amount of pigeons. When we arrive at their house and notice the huge lofts we could easily assume that they are racing an enormous amount of pigeons but nothing is further from the truth. In the brick lofts of 30-35 metres there are only 19 widowers, including yearlings. In spite of this limited number of pigeons, Luc can participate in all the extreme long distance races with 2 to 3 pigeons which he considers as more than enough.

To motivate the yearlings, Luc has showed the hen to them for approximately one half hour. These pigeons were allowed to see their nest dish for a short time in the past, but their hen was never showed to them. There’s nothing special about this motivation method but when ‘Il Grillo’ arrived, Luc noticed that he had constructed an enormous nest (he hadn’t paid attention to it when he basketed him): a clear indication that this cock was indeed very motivated.

As far as feed is concerned: this season, Luc gives his pigeons Gerry Plus (Versele-Laga) and in the last 4 days before a race he switches to pure racing mixture to which he adds some maize. The pigeons are fed 3 times a day in the last 4 days instead of twice a day. In the morning they get a large soupspoon and their food is taken away after 20 minutes. The same happens at noon and in the evening.

This isn’t Luc’s first national triumph by the way. He won La Souterraine in 1999 and 2001. Actually, these are in fact Mrs Sioen’s victories because, as we mentioned above, she is in charge of the middle distance and long distance racers. Blood of the winner of La Souterraine ’99 can be found in the descent of the St Vincent winner. The mother is a daughter of ‘Crione’, father of the 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB ’05 and also grandson of main breeder ‘Brecht’, coupled with ‘Miss La Souterraine’, 1st Nat. La Souterraine yearlings. The father of the St. Vincent winner is a grandson of these top pigeons: ‘Brecht’, super breeder, ‘Rikky’, 1st Int. Barcelona ’93, ‘Orhan’, main breeder in the lofts of the Brugemann Bros. Clearly a pedigree that confirms that good pigeons descend from good pigeons….